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Why I Love Delta Sigma Tau

Posted on April 3rd, by Ashley Rivera in Involvement, Student Organizations. Comments Off on Why I Love Delta Sigma Tau

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When I joined Delta Sigma Tau, I had 91 women standing in front of me with open arms. If I had to pick five things I love most about DST they would be:

1. Service: Dedicating my time to people in need will never stop feeling rewarding. DST’s philanthropy is Alliance for Children and Families and three times a week sisters go and tutor children. During Christmas time, we throw them a Christmas party and bring them gifts. This weekend we have a dodge ball tournament to raise money for them. We are always dedicating our free time to helping them out. We also volunteer during Martin Luther King’s Day of Service and Greeks in the Streets, where all day we go out and do service work. This service reminds us why we all joined DST and makes us feel happy.

2. Having sisters: I grew up with one younger brother and I never had any sisters. Coming into college I never thought about Greek life until I saw how close knit Mount Union’s was. When I accepted my bid from DST, I felt as if that day I was given not only friends, but family members. Having 91 sisters welcome me with open arms felt some way that I can’t describe.

3. Being myself: From the moment I walked into DST’s house, I knew I could be myself. The sisters were dancing, laughing and they all never stopped smiling and I noticed that I didn’t either. My sisters let me act myself and never judge me for mistakes that I may make. I never have to act like someone I’m not and that makes living life that much easier.

4. Support: In life, people forget how much support they have. They put their blinders up and shut the world out, especially in times of need. There has been a few times where sisters needed each other and everywhere you turned there was a DST waiting to make you feel better. Whether it’s changing your major or a death in your family, you have so many people helping you in your decisions and supporting you in times of need. You will never feel alone.

5. Bridesmaids: I heard a quote once that said “You don’t come to college to find your husband, you come to find your bridesmaids,” and I firmly believe that. I would put every single one of my sisters in my wedding one day if I could. Guys come and go, but your girlfriends NEVER leave, and DST made me believe that.

Overall, Delta Sigma Tau has made me look at life in such a different way and for the better. My sisters are my rock and without them, Mount Union just wouldn’t be as exciting. So if you have the opportunity, GO GREEK!

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