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What Does it Mean to Be a Regula Scholar?

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If you have ever participated in a community service event through Mount Union, then you have probably heard of the Regula Center. The Ralph and Mary Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement at the University of Mount Union, located next to Beeghly Hall, was created and inspired by retired Congressman Ralph Regula – an alumni of Mount who held a career in Congress for 36 years and was reelected numerous times in the state of Ohio. To fulfill the vision of Ralph and his wife Mary, the Center was created to provide numerous community service programs as well as opportunities for students to seek and prepare for careers in public service. One of these opportunities offered by the Center is the Regula Scholar Program.

Every year, the Regula Center interviews and selects a unique group of students to be a part of the Regula Scholar Program based upon a variety of criteria including GPA and community involvement. Last Spring, I was fortunate enough to be one of the chosen as students for the 2016-2017 Regula Scholars! There are so many amazing experiences that the Regula Scholar program provides, and I want to share just a few:


1. Meet Professionals of Alliance
As a Regula Scholar, I attend weekly meetings with the other scholars to discuss a variety of topics including upcoming service projects and ethics cases. One of the most rewarding parts of these meetings is when our director, Abbey Honaker, invites important professionals from Alliance to speak and give advice to the scholars. It is incredibly interesting to meet people like the Alliance police chief and the mayor and listen to their professional experiences in public service. Not only are their stories entertaining, but they also shed light on new occupations that I hadn’t considered prior to becoming a Regula Scholar.

2. Attend Cool Events
Another really amazing part about being a Regula Scholar is that we have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of events. Most recently, we were invited to Ralph Regula’s 92nd birthday celebration held at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. At this event, we were not only able to meet Ralph himself, but we were also able to interact with several esteemed political figures, including Senator Rob Portman. If you would like to hear more about the event from my perspective, click here.

3. Service Opportunities
Above all other privileges that come with being a Regula Scholar, the most humbling and gratifying ones are the service projects themselves. The Regula Scholars try to participate in as many projects as possible including, the Alliance Community Thanksgiving Meal, cookie decorating, and Adopt a Family, just to name a few. During his career, Ralph firmly believed in giving back to the community and the Regula Scholars truly try to emulate that belief.

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