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Top 5 Items from the B&B Cafe

Posted on June 12th, by Wade Clark in Food. Comments Off on Top 5 Items from the B&B Cafe

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The Campus Grounds area, located in HPCC, is home to the B&B Café! As a freshman and sophomore, I never took advantage of the B&B. I ask myself why every day. It’s a great place to grab a quick snack or an uplifting drink. Here’s a list of my top five favorite items in the B&B Café and why these items can make or break your day.

5. Snack Wrap
The chicken snack wrap is the perfect size for an on-the-go bite to eat. It only cost $1.75 and is one of the most underrated items on the menu. It is just as big as a McDonalds’ snack wrap and is made fresh for you, on the spot. Dare to get two snack wraps and you will be full for only $3.50.

4. Starbucks Coffee
All of the coffee in the B&B is brewed with the Starbucks brand, but for half the price. A large coffee is only $2.20 and the most expensive item in the Starbucks section is a macchiato or mocha and it still only tops out at $4. My favorite item off this menu is the double espresso shot for $1.95. This will give you an intense amount of energy for when you need to stay up longer to study.

3. Mountie Burger
This classic burger is grilled to perfection and it is a great meal to get on Monday because it’s the special of the day. It cost $3.35 and on Mondays you get fries and a drink with the burger for this price. If you are sick of the burgers served in the cafeteria, this is a nice change of pace for a cheap price.

2. Signature Milkshakes and Fresh Fruit Smoothies
The options are endless for these delicious drinks priced at $3.80. It’s almost a meal in itself and you can customize them in whatever fashion you desire. I once got a peanut butter, chocolate and banana milkshake and it was unbelievably amazing.  These drinks are perfect for a long study session in the library or for right after a workout.

1. Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla
By far, my favorite item in the B&B is the buffalo chicken quesadilla. It is six to eight slices of pure heaven. Salsa and sour cream are served on the side and it is extremely filling! At $4.50, you will not be disappointed with this purchase. I highly recommend trying this item and if you don’t like buffalo sauce there is a plain version – but that little spicy kick is just enough to make your mouth water.

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