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Top 10 Favorite Things About Mount Union

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Throughout my three years of being a student at Mount Union, I noticed some really cool things that I like about the University. Of course small class sizes/student to faculty ratio is one of the best things, but there is also so much more to love! Here are a couple of my favorite things at or about Mount Union:

10. Coffee House
Coffee House is an open mic that is available for all Mount Union students. Starting around 7 p.m., any student can go on stage and perform their talent. With the B&B Café being in the same room, the Coffee House is quite entertaining and also a great way to interact and see all of the hidden talent that is around campus.

9. The Colors/Raiders
Black, Purple and White baby; the colors of a champion! I love the color scheme here at Mount, along with our mascot and name. Purple has always been in my top three favorite colors and it just makes it that much better that I can wear purple more often while supporting my school.

8. Meal Plan/Cafeteria
The cafeteria – I know this is either a hit or miss at other universities, but here at Mount Union, it’s actually very tasty. The different food stations provide a wide range of choices for each individual’s liking. For example, there is a salad bar, soup bar and even an international station where there are different food items from all over the country. There are other stations as well, and with the meal plan, if you have unlimited, you can go up and grab whatever you want and however much of it you want. Just make sure to be smart about your servings.

7. Free Parking
As a college student, who doesn’t love the word FREE? With free parking being provided to students, it really becomes beneficial. Here at Mount Union, you are able to park in designated areas, which are conveniently located near residence halls and academic buildings, without paying any fees. This is definitely one of my top favorite things about the University.

6. Free Laundry
FREE laundry. There’s that word again and I can’t get enough of it! Having free laundry is a huge plus. Being an athlete, I go through about three different pairs of clothing a day, just so I’m dressed appropriately for the different settings that I’m going through. For example, in the morning I have class and work, where I usually wear jeans. After that, I have to change for practice, and after that I shower and get ready for bed in my PJ’s. Being able to wash all of my clothing with no charge saves a lot of cash in my pockets.

5. Campus Lakes
The Mount Union Campus Lakes are a great scene. With the lakes having the intentions of being shaped as an “M” just gives it another reason to love it. There is also a bridge above the lakes that comes along with a story. The story is that whoever you kiss on the bridge, you will eventually marry in the future, so make sure you’re kissing the right one!

4. Late Night Snacks
At the cafeteria, Mount Union serves late night snacks from 10-11:30 p.m. During this period, students can come in and spoil themselves in nachos, bread sticks, pizza, corn dogs, etc.; it just depends on what the cafeteria is serving that night. You can even eat sweets such as ice cream to help crave that sweet tooth. Late night is perfect for those late night munchies that strike up. Of course, you wouldn’t want to eat too much during such a late hour, but it’s OK to live just a little bit! =)

3. The Facilities
The facilities at Mount Union were one of my main reasons for choosing the University. The buildings and grounds are very well kept.

2. The Gym
Having a free membership to the gym on campus is definitely a plus. The University gym includes treadmills, weights, exercise balls, fitness machines, etc. Not much is missing from the University’s gym compared to others. The gym can stay open as late as midnight on certain days, which makes it convenient for anyone to get their workout in.

1. The People
The people at Mount Union are the number one thing that I love about the University. Everybody is so friendly and welcoming. I still remember from my freshman year that people would make eye contact and just smile at you while you were walking by. It was very friendly and made me feel a lot less tense about college. Even now that I am a junior, I can still say that Mount Union is one of the friendliest places I have ever been.

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