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Selling Tickets and Memories: Interning for the Monsters and Gladiators

By Matt Jones ’18

At the start of the spring semester, I woke up early in the morning to walk from a hotel in downtown Cleveland to Quicken Loans Arena. The Q was hosting the Mount Union Sports Sales Workshop, …

What I Learned From a Team of NBA Champions – And What They Learned From Me

By Riley Schenk ’18, sport business major double-minoring in business administration and psychology


When I first started my college career at the University of Mount Union, I never thought I would be working with The Cleveland Cavaliers Organization as directly …

From Cornfields to Rio

There are a lot of incoming first-year students this year to Mount Union’s campus and many of them have achieved athletic success. However, very few have faced the adversity that Class of #Mount2020 member A.J. Digby has faced throughout his …

How a Jersey Patch Costs More Than Your Tuition

The world of professional sports is a $1.5 trillion industry across the world – yeah that’s trillion, with a “T.” North American sports alone make up a third of that at an estimated $498 billion, according to Plunkett Research, Ltd.…

Thoma’s Travels Vol. II | Exotic Food Market

Posted on May 27th, by Jim Thoma in Professors, Study Abroad. Comments Off on Thoma’s Travels Vol. II | Exotic Food Market

On Sunday, May 22, my suitemate here at the Beijing Sports University, Brett Nichols from the University of Northern Colorado, and I ventured to Beijing’s exotic foods market. From the pictures you can see that we had scorpion, tarantula and …

Thoma’s Travels | Vol. I Beijing

Posted on May 18th, by Jim Thoma in Professors, Study Abroad. Comments Off on Thoma’s Travels | Vol. I Beijing

image3 (2)Good day folks, I hope that your summer is going well!

Right now, I am in my hotel room at the Beijing Sports University – watching the Cavs game live on TV. Isn’t technology just amazing sometimes? Over the weekend,