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President Trump’s War of Words

by Nick Kalis

Since President Donald Trump took office in January, his presidency has been nothing short of controversial. Everything from his use of social media to amplify tense situations, to publicly calling out international leaders has shown that President …

Will Paul Manafort Cost Trump Control of Foreign Affairs?

By: Spencer Whyte

The power to control foreign policy has long been singularly enjoyed by the President. However, recent sanctions against Russia and the shocking investigation of Paul Manafort may begin to lessen the President’s authority in this realm.

The …

Those Who Ignore History Are Doomed to Repeat It

by Zach Kaplan

Following World War II, the United States had a very clear foreign policy: oppose anything that benefitted the Soviet Union and communism. This policy (which came to be known as containment) was easy to adopt because there …

Pre-emptive Attack, Reprisal Raid, or Peaceful Resolution?

by Shizuka Kuramitsu

The U.S. president Donald Trump mentioned DPRK in his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 19th[1]. Is it feasible to “totally destroy North Korea” as exactly he stated? Of course, …

A Week of Late Nights for White House Staff

By: Spencer Whyte, Jesse Wynn, Kolby Thompson, and Theo McKinnon

While things are normally hectic at the White House, this week has been a particular struggle with public leaks on defaming issues.

White House officials have had to deal with …

Presidential Report: Trump and the Rescinding of DACA

by Emory Bandurka, Michael Yakim, Aaron Merriman, and Shannon Dillon

Though the Donald Trump administration is still in its first year, the media cycle that surrounds the president is unceasing – it seems almost every morning is a new headline …

From Human Right to Privilege – the Shift in Healthcare under Republican Majority

by Rebecca Cooper ’18, double-major in accounting and mathematics

While the first Republican-backed replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) failed to garner enough rightwing support, the second attempt appears to be able to make it through to law. The …

Fake News And Presidential Approval Ratings

by Emma Wilson ’18, double-major in national security and foreign intelligence analysis and Spanish

With the recent presidential inauguration this past January, I decided to look at Donald Trump’s approval ratings. However, when I went to double check the results …

Trump and Terrorism

by Ashley Gran ’18

The 45th President of the United States has made his views particularly clear on quite a few aspects of government, one of those being terrorism. President Obama had previously set restrictions on droid attacks, raids, …

Trump Administration Faces Critical Issue Early On

By Francisco Telemaque ’20

Michael Thomas Flynn has resigned as the National Security Advisor as of February 13th, 2017. Now I’ll give some history. Michael Flynn has had multiple roles in the intelligence field. Flynn advanced through the army to …