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Why You Should Hire Fraternity and Sorority Members

Numerous times, people have told me to not put my fraternity experience on my resume. They say it only brings to mind the negative stereotypes associated with these communities and makes you less desirable, but I beg to differ. As …

A Tale of “Big Kid” Beginnings: The Diary of an Internship Expert Part One

As the job market grows more and more competitive, internships are becoming a very valuable asset to any resume. Many employers want potential applicants to have a few years of experience before they’ll hire them, and internships are a great

6 Ways to Find (Awesome) Internships

Whether you’re a seasoned senior or a first year student, internships are essential to having a fun and successful career.  Not only do internships help you build your resume and let you gain hands-on experience, they also let you see …