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Giving Back and Being a Dedicated Scholar

Posted on March 15th, by University of Mount Union Students in Academics, Alliance, Campus, Community, Involvement, Return on Investment, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Service, Value. Comments Off on Giving Back and Being a Dedicated Scholar

BY: Cheyanne Gonzales ’18

“What is an Investment Alliance Scholar?” This is a question I have been asked since beginning my college career nearly four years ago. While many people may know one of the 36 Investment Alliance Scholars, some …

6 Things to Love about the Caf…Even Without the Blue Drink

Posted on February 8th, by Abbey Schlanz in Campus, Facilities, Food, Uncategorized. Comments Off on 6 Things to Love about the Caf…Even Without the Blue Drink

By Abbey Schlanz ’18

If you ask Mount Union students where Kresge Dining Commons is, they might give you a blank stare. If you ask them where the “caf” is, you’ll get an immediate answer. For most residential students, the …

Spring “Greening”

By: Sophie Ramsey

Hey ‘Ders! We’re used to being Purple all year, but we also have a chance to be Green Raiders all year round and take care of our planet, too! It can be difficult being a student, sibling, …

RecycleMania 2017

By:  Mallory Glenn

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.52.08 PMWhat if I told you that you could improve your recycling habits for eight easy payments of $0.00?

RecycleMania begins on February 5th and will span 8 weeks, concluding on April 1st. Mount Union …

What Does it Mean to Be a Regula Scholar?

If you have ever participated in a community service event through Mount Union, then you have probably heard of the Regula Center. The Ralph and Mary Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement at the University of Mount Union, …

Food Waste in a World with Cafeteria Trays

By:  Sophie Ramsey, Green Raider

Everybody loves a good buffet. When we get out of class, it’s natural to feel giddy about the many options AVI has to offer. Sandwich? Might as well. Homestyle station has cheesy potatoes? Let’s go. …

A Tale of “Big Kid” Beginnings: The Diary of an Internship Expert Part One

As the job market grows more and more competitive, internships are becoming a very valuable asset to any resume. Many employers want potential applicants to have a few years of experience before they’ll hire them, and internships are a great

Tailgating Treats: Dorm Room Edition

Raider alumni flock from all corners of the Earth, the only color in sight is purple and the sweet smell of brunch waffles wafts along the cool autumn breeze—football season is upon us and with football, comes tailgating. While tailgating …

Clinton’s Education Proposal and the Future of Private Colleges

by Dr. Michael Grossman

In a nod to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton unveiled a plan to make tuition in 2 and 4 year public colleges and universities free for all in-state students whose family makes less than $125,000 per year.…

5 Things to Remember in Your Senior Year of College

Posted on September 9th, by Ryan Smith in Career Path, Finals, Return on Investment. No Comments

Before we get really into this, I would like to offer you seniors in college congratulations for two reasons:

  • You made it through three years of some of the toughest academic work of your lives to date.
  • You and your