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T-Minus 9 Hours

Posted on January 6th, by Ashley Sams in Study Abroad. Comments Off on T-Minus 9 Hours

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…Until I ascend into the air on the first flight leg of my journey to Spain. I am taking the group flight from Chicago to Madrid (with a layover in London) but I have to get to Chicago. Which I will be doing from Akron/Canton at 6:35 a.m. tomorrow morning. I have a layover in Detroit for 50 minutes, which is a little nerve wracking because of the winter storm going on right now. There hasn’t been much snow in the Canton area but it is currently -36 in Alliance with the windchill. So, wish me luck.

As far as packing goes – I think I’ve got it all. I squeezed 18 and a half weeks worth of clothing, accessories and technology into one checked suitcase, one small carry-on suitcase and a backpack. It was a little tough deciding what I actually needed vs. what I wanted to bring. But I’ll cover more on that subject after I make sure my checked bag meets the 50 lb. weight requirement tomorrow morning…

I’m feeling very anxious writing this post. I just want to be in San Sebastian already, settled into my host family’s home, working on my Spanish skills instead of fighting this winter storm and loading and unloading myself onto four planes. But I guess now is the time to keep in mind that “the journey itself is the point.”

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