Where Exceptional Begins

Summers at Mount Union

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By Rebecca Cooper ’18 

This summer, I don’t miss Mount Union. I have none of the sadness of leaving our second home for four months and I’m not wishing I could see Chapman’s beauty any given day. That’s because I never had to leave. I get the amazing opportunity to work this summer for the Registrar and the Assistant Academic Dean.

While a day of filing and sending transcripts for the Registrar or processing institutional data for the Assistant Dean might not sound exciting, I have never been happier in any other job. As students, we contribute so much to the campus, but I don’t think we appreciate how much goes on behind the scenes in Beeghly Hall until we’ve been in their shoes. Since working here, I’ve been involved in Preview, Institutional Effectiveness, advising, and first-year scheduling. What we see on our end wouldn’t happen without the people working year-round to ensure that our campus keeps moving forward.

Though I have worked in Beeghly since my first semester on campus, it is much different working here almost full time. While college life has us accustomed to short focus periods and constant change, working a consistent schedule has strengthened my ability to focus on tasks for long periods of time. Because I am more an employee than a student in these roles, I have increased my self-sufficiency and critical thinking skills. While it’s okay to ask tons of questions in the classroom, when you’re surrounded by professionals who have more to do than hand hold, you should know how to solve problems and accomplish tasks on your own. Because of this, I have increased my proficiency with Excel and I’ve been able to do things with it that I never knew existed!

Despite this being a much different environment from the classroom, having been at the University for the past three years has prepared me for it in so many ways. The constantly-changing, fast-paced college schedule has assisted me when I’ve had to jump from project to project and strict classroom deadlines have prepared me to complete tasks on a timeline. Most importantly, the maturity I’ve gained throughout these past three years is what allows me to succeed in this job and others. As a math and accounting major, I’ve been well-trained to handle the massive amounts of data I encounter and have been able to do it with precision. Studying things like the accounting cycle and the macroeconomy allows me to understand large-scale concepts, while abstract mathematics and math research has helped me to think outside the box and conduct effective research.

Overall, working at Mount Union is an extremely rewarding experience. Because I have grown in this community for several years, it is unlike any job I have ever had. Everyone knows me and truly cares about my success. Exceptional begins where there are exceptional opportunities, and I have found just that. If I have it my way, I definitely see myself returning to the Mount Union community at some point in my career.

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