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Spring “Greening”

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By: Sophie Ramsey

Hey ‘Ders! We’re used to being Purple all year, but we also have a chance to be Green Raiders all year round and take care of our planet, too! It can be difficult being a student, sibling, friend, employee, and so much more – and being “green” can seem like a hard thing to add on. That’s why, as Spring approaches and we appreciate our beautiful planet more, we want to show you how easy it can be to be green!

How are we doing this? Well, first off: we’ve been participating in RecycleMania for the past month. This is a nationwide competition to see which university can recycle the most. Your faithful Green Raiders have been measuring recycling around campus and even have a local competition between each of the residence halls. The residence hall that recycles the most receives prizes to raffle off as well as housing points! You can check the scoreboard nationally here and you can see how your residence hall is stacking up on our boards in the MAAC, HPCC, and in the main lobby of KHIC.

We’re also organizing an Earth Hour event on Saturday, March 25 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in Campus Grounds. For Earth Hour, the world turns off its lights: so, we will too – but in style! Turn off your dorm lights and come Dance in the Dark with us to some jams from DJ FNKY Matt! Entry is free, but any donations will go to the World Wildlife Fund, which among many other services, helps keep species from going extinct.

Lastly, for faculty and staff, we’re raffling a LED Light Package with a $75 Value! Green Raiders will be visiting your buildings all week to sell raffle tickets at $1 a piece with a special offer of 6 for $5. This prize package will upgrade your home to LED lights and you will see instant savings on your electric bill!

Stay Tuned for more information about Earth Month (April)!

For more information, click here or email greineja@mountunion.edu!

Sharing is caring!

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