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So, Mom… What Would you say if I Wanted to Join a Sorority?

Posted on April 1st, by Lauren Reihl in Involvement, Student Organizations. Comments Off on So, Mom… What Would you say if I Wanted to Join a Sorority?

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When I started college, the last thing on my mind was joining Greek life. It wasn’t that I had tunnel vision for a diploma and it wasn’t that I felt like I would be buying my friends… I just had an impression that sororities were stuck up, snobby girls that liked to party. I had always been the type of girl that got along better with the guys rather than with other girls. So. Much. Less. Drama. So at the beginning of freshman year, I didn’t go through recruitment. I never regretted it either.

By the time spring came around, I started to see that the sorority women on campus weren’t the “typical sorority girl” you hear about on TV. I decided to go through open recruitment because I wanted to meet more people on campus. After visiting the Alpha Chi Omega house, I realized that I fit in perfectly with these girls. They were exactly the type of girls I was friends with in high school and they had so many qualities that I see in myself. They were outgoing, weird, funny and most importantly, REAL.

Once I accepted my bid into Alpha Chi, I began to get to know the girls better and realized how many different interests everyone brings to the table. There are athletes, cheerleaders, science nerds, music majors, theater kids, fashionistas and tomboys. Every stereotype gets put aside and everyone balances each other out. We all have different talents and strengths, and along with that, we all have our weaknesses. But because everyone is so giving with their time, we are able to help make each individual woman in our chapter a better person.

I also love the community service aspect of Greek life. We take time out of our lives to volunteer in the local community – both with sisters and with other chapters. Our philanthropy is domestic violence awareness and we work closely with the Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the smile of gratitude on someone’s face when we show up to help with a service project.

My advice to anyone who is against joining a sorority: Greek life at Mount Union is so incredibly different from Greek life at large schools and what we see on TV. Before you write it off, learn more about it. Even if you don’t plan on joining a sorority, go through recruitment. It is not only a great way to meet people, but a great way to know more about what’s going on around campus. Twenty-five percent of students at Mount Union are Greek. That means one out of every four of your friends will be representing a Greek organization. It will never hurt to keep an open mind and at least be informed. It is important for you to know that we are so much more than letters.

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