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By Rachel Brumenschenkel ’18

What better day to celebrate what we love than Valentine’s Day? Many students fall in love with Mount Union when they step foot on campus. Some students also fall in love at Mount Union. I spoke with Allison (Bates ’16) and Josh Jacobs, Jaime Sanborn ’19 and Trey Pamer ’19, Brandon Lucas ’18 and Kelsey Shreve ’20, and Katie Vance ’18 and Nick Schlabach ’18. Below are their stories about how they found love at Mount Union.

Allison & Josh

How they met: Music, the Arts and Culture class

When they met: Fall 2012

First date: Lunch date

Married: June 5, 2016

Legend has it that if two people kiss on the bridge between the lakes on campus, they will get married. That fate came true for Allison and Josh.

Allison and Josh met during a music class in which a mutual friend introduced them. From there, they started texting, studied together, had lunch dates and soon started dating.

“Fast forward almost 3 years. Josh had transferred and was commuting to see me only a few times a month. One day, my great friend and roommate Lia Niforos asked if I’d go on a walk with her. I love walks, so of course I said yes. We started our walk, and I spotted Josh sitting under an archway that faces the lakes. But he’s not supposed to be here until later, I thought to myself. We walked over to him and continued toward the ‘kissing bridge.’ At that point, I was pretty sure I knew what was happening. As we stood in the middle of the bridge, he hugged and kissed me and said, ‘Well I have to make sure you’re mine forever.’ As he pulled away, I look to Lia to see her recording, and as I turn back to Josh, he is on one knee asking me to marry him!”


Jaime & Trey

How they met: Alpha Xi Delta’s Football FrenXi

When they met: Spring 2017

First date: Watching a Cavaliers playoff game at Jerzees in Canton

Jaime and Trey had a few classes together but hadn’t talked to each other until Trey was a coach for Football FrenXi. FrenXi is a powderpuff football philanthropy event put on by Jaime’s sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. The brothers of Sigma Nu coached the Alpha Xi Delta team.

A couple of weeks after FrenXi, and with the help of mutual friends, Jaime asked Trey to attend Alpha Xi Delta’s formal dance. “I knew that he would be a fun time,” said Jaime. “He’s always energetic and wants to dance, so I knew it wouldn’t be awkward and that he would be able to enjoy the night with me. So after we went to formal together, that’s kind of when everything started.”

One of their most memorable dates was when they went to downtown Cleveland over the summer. They went to an Indians game, dinner and a Cavs watch party. That was when they officially started to date. “If it weren’t for Mount Union and Greek life, Trey and I may not have become a couple,” Jaime commented.


Brandon & Kelsey

How they met: Panhellenic meeting

When they met: Spring 2017

First date: Day in Cleveland

Brandon and Kelsey met at weekly Panhellenic meetings that they attended because of their involvements in Greek life. Brandon is a brother of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, and Kelsey is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi.

“I began to go out of my way to talk to her, learn more about her and see what she was like,” said Brandon. “We talked a little bit through the spring semester of 2017 and right before we went home for the summer, we exchanged numbers. We were both still a little nervous at first, but soon we couldn’t get stop talking to one another! Sharing personal stories, making inside jokes and talking about our dreams and goals became so natural to our everyday conversations. We knew we were onto something and wanted to unravel more!”

They have dated for seven months, and some of their favorite moments were participating in SongFest for Greek Week together (pictured) and attending the Stagg Bowl.


Katie & Nick

How they met: Nursing classes

When they met: Fall 2015

First date: Attending the Ohio State/Michigan game

When asked how they met, Katie explained, “Nick and I were in the same clinical rotation during our sophomore year in the fall semester. During this rotation, a patient that Nick and I were both providing care to at the same time asked Nick how he knew me, who I was and why he hadn’t started talking to me yet. After this moment, Nick and I became more interested in one another.”

They were in the same clinical rotation during their junior year, and Nick drove Katie to their rotations since she had an unreliable car at the time. For that semester, they would share conversations in the car at 6 a.m. twice per week on their way to clinicals. In November, Katie found out that Nick loves football, so she wanted to take him to his first Ohio State football game. “My best friend who attends OSU always finds me football tickets each year so I can go watch the Buckeyes and see her! I had the great idea to ask her to find me two football tickets so that I could ask Nick to come with me that year,” Katie said. They started dating shortly after the new year.

Katie added, “Nick and I both currently work at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus in hopes to receive RN positions there after graduation. Also, we can’t wait to take a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and travel the world together!”


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