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Presidential Report: Trump and the Rescinding of DACA

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by Emory Bandurka, Michael Yakim, Aaron Merriman, and Shannon Dillon

Though the Donald Trump administration is still in its first year, the media cycle that surrounds the president is unceasing – it seems almost every morning is a new headline for President Trump. The repeal of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is just one of these hotly debated decisions made by President Trump. DACA was created by an executive order under Obama and has since been overturned by President Trump with an expiration date of March 5, 2015. To be eligible for DACA, an applicant must have met the certain age, residency, and status requirements. Among these were enrollment in secondary education or completion thereof with the option to enlist in the armed forces. Furthermore, an applicant must have had a clean record with Those requesting DACA and dropped out of school without following up with military service were ineligible for protection, and exceptions to the strict guidelines were extremely rare.

News outlets covered the rescinding of DACA extensively. Fox News, the New York Times, CNN, and Reuters were used for this research on DACA and how media outlets responded to President Trump’s decision. Fox News was remarkably mixed for a right-wing source, with some headlines criticizing Trump’s overreaching of his presidential powers and others praising Trump’s ability to force Congress to act on immigration reform. CNN, though usually centrist, was specifically pro-DACA and subsequently anti-Trump. According to CNN headlines, numerous business executives, such as President of Microsoft Brad Smith, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Apple CEO Tim Cook have also taken a stand against the repeal of DACA. The New York Times, an arguably liberal perspective, was similarly critical of Trump. In addition to having an openly liberal perspective, citations from reliable sources and objective statistics certainly made the Times’ news far more credible than the previous two sources. Articles from the Times were more concerned with spreading correct information than remaining explicitly for or against DACA. Lastly, Reuters was examined for its international perspective and “value-neutral” approach. One Reuters article that stood out involved mother who was deported back to Mexico, leaving her children in the United States under the protection of DACA. With its rescinding, people once protected by DACA would now have to return to a country they may not even remember.

When assessing an issue as extensive as Donald Trump’s DACA repeal, it is important to look at a variety of diverse sources. With liberal, conservative, centrist, and international news sources to look at, there are various interpretations and reactions from each and it is important to consider all of them to understand the role the President plays in American politics and the media. Keeping to one news source will not give the full story, as seen with the different reports on DACA given by four different news sources, but getting the full story from many sources helps to strengthen opinions and make educated decisions.

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