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President Trump’s War of Words

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by Nick Kalis

Since President Donald Trump took office in January, his presidency has been nothing short of controversial. Everything from his use of social media to amplify tense situations, to publicly calling out international leaders has shown that President Trump is not afraid of the consequences regarding upsetting the international community. He is not only upsetting the international community but also he is upsetting the American people, including a clear majority of his voting base. Recently, the President has been very vocal about the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, calling him “little rocket man” (Twitter 9/23) and threatening the “total destruction of North Korea” (BBC 2017) in front of the United Nations. Kim Jong Un has also responded calling President Trump a “dotard psycho”. (BBC 2017) After watching this chaotic war of words take place, what does this mean for the United States in relation to North Korea? Are we on the path of nuclear war with North Korea?

Although the international community has recently shown its disdain for President Trump and the United States, no country would promote a war that has the possibility of going nuclear. One of the main reasons is that the North Korean Command chain is very concerned with regime preservation. “North Korean statements traffics heavily in propaganda, but all sides seem to sincerely believe the Kim regime cares deeply about its preservation and has built the weapons for defensive purposes” (Lockie 2017). If the United States is hit with a nuclear strike, it would send the international community into a tailspin. International markets would crash and nuclear war could break out all over the globe. China is the country responsible for dealing with North Korea. The Chinese are one of the few nations to have economic ties with the North Koreans since most other countries have had them blackballed. Trade between the countries was worth $2.6B in the first half of 2017 (Griffiths & Wang 2017). North Korea also would not start a war that they could not win alone. The United States is still the most powerful country in the world in every aspect. Trying to fight a nuclear war with the United States would be a grave mistake by Kim Jong Un. The American people also do not agree with starting a new conflict in North Korea. According to a CNN Poll, “Seventy-two percent of surveyed Americans say they feel uneasy, compared to just 26% of surveyed Americans who said they are confident things will be resolved without conflict” (Grieve 2017). Although it would be ideal for American Foreign Policy to eliminate the threat of Kim Jong Un having nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula, it would be smart to not antagonize the North Korean leadership due to its instability.

President Trump has lost vast support from his followers due to how he has handled events in North Korea. Even though some support Trump in his efforts, staging an international nuclear conflict would only end in disaster for all parties involved. Conflict is impacted when weapons of mass destruction are added to the equation. There are many more variables that leaders must weigh to ensure that they leave this conflict without having their countries destroyed in the process. While some people believe that the United States is heading towards a nuclear conflict with Kim Jong Un and North Korea, based on the rhetoric by President Trump, it seems as if the only war that will be fought is a war of words.



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