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Packing Tips | What Every New Mount Union Student Needs

Posted on July 2nd, by Brandon Lucas in Campus, Residence Halls. Comments Off on Packing Tips | What Every New Mount Union Student Needs

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Freshman year is a big step from high school to college. It is the first time you are on your own, new friends, new classes, it is a whole new world that is yours to conquer! But before you get to go to your first class, meet new friends and make amazing, fun memories, you have to pack. You have to fit 18 years of your life into one living space, shared with another person. Here are some packing tips to ensure you don’t forget any of the important stuff!

The Essentials:

●  Bed linens: twin XL size

You are going to have to sleep on something, unless you want to lay on an uncovered bed.

● Pillows

Your pillow is your best friend after a long day of school and work.

●  Alarm clock

Unfortunately your parents won’t be around to wake you up for school anymore, so having an alarm is going to help you wake up in the morning. Pretty much everyone I know uses there phones, but it doesn’t hurt to have a backup alarm set just in case!

●  Lanyard

With the responsibility of carrying room keys, Purple Plu$, loyalty cards and possibly car keys it can feel overwhelming. Having a lanyard can help keep everything in one place and there’s a great selection at the University Store on campus and online.

●  Hangers

You are going to need something to hang your clothes on in the closet.

●  Power Strips

Sharing a space with a limited number of outlets can be a hassle. Power strips are a great way to make sure both you and your roommate have everything you want plugged in.

●  School Supplies

College is about an education, so you are going to need pencils, pens, notecards, notebooks, stapler, etc. in order to succeed.

●  Laptop

Having a laptop makes it convenient to write a paper or take notes in class. It also cuts down the hassle of finding a computer in the library.

●  Shower toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, sandals, shower caddy, etc.

●  Towels and washcloths

You will need to shower at some point in the day and you’re going to need something to dry off with.

●  Laundry detergent and basket and dryer sheets

You can only go so long wearing the same pants and shirt every day. Laundry is essential in college; consider buying detergent pods to better help rationalize how much detergent you use for your loads. Having a basket helps carrying and containing your clothes easier from the laundry room. Don’t worry about saving your quarters, though. All the washers and dryers at Mount Union are free to all students.

●  Cleaning supplies (paper towels, wipes, soap, sponge, etc.)

Messes are bound to happen in your room. The better prepared you are to clean-up, the less you’ll have to do at the end of year when you move out.

●  Tissues

During your time at college, you may get sick so you better have something to keep those germs from spreading.

●  First AID Kit

Have the emergency essential such as Band-Aids, aspirin, etc.

●  Kitchen Utilities

Having plates, bowls, spoons, forks and knives are good to keep in your room for when you order food, take out or have leftovers.

●  TV, Fridge, Microwave

These items may have a high upfront cost, but talking with your roommate can help save costs and you can use your item for all four years of college.

Now on to the more important items: Mount Union Essentials:

●  Bring anything purple

Our school colors are purple, white and black, so bring as much purple as you can fit in your bag. The perks of purple – it looks good on everyone and we never get sick of it. Pack as much Purple Pride as you can!

●  Erase board

This a good way to write down information so you won’t forget and a good way to talk with your roommate and friends by leaving notes to one another.

●  Ethernet Port

Using one of these opens up a few more slots for using Ethernet cables in your room. This can be used for hooking up your laptop instead of using the free Wi-Fi or a connecting your game system to the internet.

●  Fan

Freshman dorms can get a little hot during the summer months. Having a fan can help keep your room (and yourself) cool.

●  Games

Everything from video games to board games and cards – its a great way to make friends with your neighbors and other students living in your residence hall. Maybe you can even plan a game night? Winner buys OrangeLeaf!

●  Mucaw

Everyone needs to have our famous and popular Mucaw plushy in their room to show off their Mount Union pride. Get yours at the University Store today.

●  Suit/Dresses

One of the most commonly forgotten items, your professional clothes. At some point, you will probably have to give a presentation or participate in an interview. Bring your Sunday best to ensure your best best grade possible.

●  Umbrella

If you are unfamiliar with Ohio, it rains quite a lot. Always keep an umbrella in your bag so you don’t get caught in a downpour on your way home from class empty-handed.

I hope this list is helpful in packing for your first year as a Mount Union Purple Raider! If you find something isn’t listed that should be – feel free to help everyone out by commenting below.

For more information on packing visit http://www.mountunion.edu/packing-list.

Also, check out all the helpful tips for first year students on the Mount Union Pinterst board First Year Raiders.


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