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New Semester Resolutions

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By Rachel Brumenschenkel ‘18 


The spring 2018 semester has begun and students are starting to get back into the “swing of things” on campus—early classes, group projects, staying up late and consuming large amounts of coffee.  Just a month ago, we were all celebrating the holidays, including the new year. I have never really set new year resolutions, but I always like to set new “semester” resolutions. I think that semester resolutions are more attainable for me because they have a set time frame and because I can easily specify steps that need to be taken to reach those goals. My resolutions are especially important to me this semester since I will be graduating in May. 

The second semester of the school year is a great time to make resolutions because students can determine if there is anything they want to do differently from the fall semester. First-year students especially have learned what the course load is like and how much time needs to be spent doing homework, studying for exams and having fun. 

Elise Frueh ’21 says that her resolutions for the semester are to stay organized, talk to her professors, and to get her work done early. 

Other students had similar responses when I asked them what their resolutions are. 

“I used to be extremely unorganized, which made life really difficult. Last semester, I started using my planner, which helped me keep track of important dates. This semester, I’ve started using a weekly calendar to plan out when I’m going to do assignments so that I stop procrastinating and don’t have to do anything crazy, like writing 12 eight-page papers in one night. It’s been working really well so far, plus it puts me at ease when I’m not doing homework!” – Cody Klette ’18, biochemistry major

While schoolwork is very important, it is also important to have goals outside of academics. Bethany Cox ’19, neuroscience major, says, “My goal this semester is to practice my music more. It is something I love to do, and having more practice time would make me a better violinist and vocalist.” I, too, would like to practice music more often, since I really enjoy playing the piano.  

Do you have any new semester resolutions? If you can’t think of any, here are some ideas to get you started!  

New Semester Resolution Ideas:

  1. Wake up earlier and have a consistent time you go to bed and wake up 
  2. Set a specific time to relax every day
  3. Meet new people  
  4. Try out new activities and clubs 
  5. Visit professors’ office hours more often 
  6. Try to keep a budget and track expenses 
  7. Set your own deadlines for homework to avoid procrastination  
  8. Attend more on-campus events, lectures, performances, etc.  

While I have a list of things I would like to complete, stop doing, or improve in myself, I have two main resolutions: start my career and make the most of my last semester of college. 

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