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My Major: Public Relations

Posted on June 13th, by Lauren Reihl in Academics, Classes. Comments Off on My Major: Public Relations

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When I started college, I didn’t know what major I wanted to pursue. I was originally thinking about a criminal justice major. During my freshman year, I took classes in what I thought I wanted to major in. While my thoughts kept changing, I was realizing more and more what I wanted to do. By the end of freshman year, I realized that public relations would be a good fit for me.

After taking Introduction to Criminal Justice, I decided that criminal justice would not help me accomplish what I wanted. I also took a psychology course my first semester, and then considered majoring in that. But once I took Career Development in Psychology, I decided that I didn’t want a profession in that field. The subject interested me, but not enough to turn it into my career. In the spring of my freshman year I took Introduction to Communication. I thought that it would be a very general major that would help me in whatever I wanted to do. After learning more about the public relations concentration in class, it really appealed to me.

My advisor, Harry Paidas, has been incredibly helpful to me. I was enrolled in his Intro to Public Relations class, where I learned a lot about what public relations really is and what I can do with a degree in PR. In this class I decided that I would like to learn about both the public relations and the marketing aspects of business. I took Intro to Marketing the following semester, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to accomplish a double major and graduate on time.

When I heard about internships in the Office of Marketing at Mount Union, I decided to apply and I was given the opportunity to complete an internship there during my sophomore year. Most of my work involved writing, which was basically an extension of what I was learning in class. I also was able to help with a wide variety of projects, giving me the chance to learn more about marketing. After completing my internship, I was hired in as a student worker and I continue to help with various projects.

Now that I am halfway done with my undergraduate career, I am excited to continue to learn more about the career field that I one day plan to enter. Hopefully these next two years help me focus even more on what I specifically want to do after college. I rest assured, knowing that the professors and staff are more than willing to help me become successful.

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