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Marketing Magic

Posted on June 15th, by Justin Lepley in Academics, Classes. Comments Off on Marketing Magic

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Looking back on my first year here at Mount Union, the class that stands out the most in my mind is Marketing 200. Taught by Professor McConnell, this introductory marketing course had a lot to offer. Lively and entertaining, I found that I always left class more awake than I arrived. As an introductory class, this is the first real look most students get at what marketing really is.

The entire class builds up to a final project in which a team of students creates a marketing plan for a client. For my class, our client was the Mount Union Center for Global Education. Working with five other students, we put together a sales pitch, detailing our final marketing plan, to present to the client. This was definitely a unique experience and an awesome way to bring together all of the information we had learned over the semester. One of the best parts of working with the group was that it included students from many other majors. It was really cool to see how those majoring in a completely different field still saw marketing as a valuable part of their intended career and understand how they interpreted it.

After taking Marketing 200 I am even more sure of my choice to major in marketing and I can’t wait to start class in the fall!

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