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Benefits of Internships

Posted on June 13th, by Lauren Reihl in Academics, Internships. Comments Off on Benefits of Internships

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Internships are a very important part of college and students should definitely take advantage of them. I have previously interned in the Office of Marketing at Mount Union and currently I am interning at Graphic Enterprises in North Canton, OH. I believe the knowledge and feedback you can obtain through an internship is far greater than what you can get in a classroom.

In the Office of Marketing, I interned as a writing student. I worked 10 hours per week and I mostly spent it writing, listening to speakers and taking photos. After an event, I would write a story and my supervisor, Joni, would read over it and mark the errors, and then explain to me how to improve my writing. The immediate, personal feedback was much more helpful than what I received from an occasional writing assignment in class.

Now I am interning at Graphic Enterprises under the director of marketing. Every day I get to do something different – social media and blog posting, event planning, designing flyers and banners, updating the employee information boards and much more. I have learned to use programs that I would not have known how to use otherwise. Plus, I get to see how much the employees of the company are benefiting from the hard work that I have put in!

I would definitely recommend having an internship, even if your major does not require it. It is worth all of the time and effort, and you will learn so much more when you are doing it hands-on as opposed to just being in a classroom.


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