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Internships Are a Major Key

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What do you mean I have to write something longer than 140 characters? Fine. Alright, I’ll try it.

Hey there. I’m Cody Rohaley, a senior Marketing & Management major, and I do social media and outreach for the Alliance Country Club.

Alliance has a Country Club?

It sure does, and I really dig it. It’s located a left turn and street down from Chives, a fine establishment many Mount Union students occasionally visit. The Club has been a mainstay of Alliance since 1911 and is one of Stark County’s hidden gems. It offers 18 holes of golf, swimming, tennis, and a fantastic social scene.

Social media can be a job?

You bet. You know that wonderfully savage Wendy’s Twitter account you probably follow? Someone actually gets paid to do that. Yes, they get paid to be unapologetically sarcastic, intelligently witty, and help a man get free nugs for life. While I wish I could incorporate some of Wendy’s Twitter game into my own at the Club, the audience wouldn’t quite be into it.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I promote the Club, its events, spotlight tournament champions, show off the beauty of the place, recruit new members, and everything else worth being liked or retweeted. Outside the social media stuff, I do light office work and talk about life with my two phenomenal bosses.

How’d you land that & what have you learned?

Prior to landing this, I had nothing set up for the summer. No internship or job or anything. I applied at a few places leading up to the summer but unfortunately didn’t land anything. I was pretty bummed, being two weeks into summer with nothing going on and way too much time on my hands.

Fortunately, Mount Union blessed me once again through sheer luck and by knowing the right people.

Former Professor and Head of the Communication Department, Mr. Harry Paidas spread the good word to some students who spread it to my splendid fraternity brother, Tyler Longstreth, who then gracefully spread it to me. Two emails, one interview, and three days later, I had not only something to do for the summer but an internship in my exact dream area of interest.

So far, I’ve learned that knowing your audience is crucial. I’ve learned that I always need to know who I’m talking to and what they’re into. Take that out of the social media context, and it’s still a great piece of life advice. With the audience the Club has, I’ve learned that I can’t use social media the way I do personally, be like Wendy’s, or speak as candidly as I am in this blog. They expect a tone that’s a bit more professional, excited, eloquent, but still authentic.

While I’ve learned a lot in just a little over a month, I was also very confident getting into it because Mount Union has prepared me so, so well. My education at Mount has taught me how to figure out who my audience is, how to talk to them, how to develop a social media strategy, how to run a website, how to optimize Google results, and a whole plethora of other stuff. And I’m so grateful for that.

Most of all, Mount has helped me become a personable, confident individual, and that is what will get me far.

How can you get your dream internship?

Everyone’s digs lists, so here’s a list:Network. Network. Network.

1– Network. Network. Network.

“It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.”
Friends, teammates, brothers, sisters, Mount staff and faculty, any human with a beating heart could potentially change your life for the better. Get out there. Make a LinkedIn page, dang it.

2– Always look at the glass half full.

Yes, rejection sucks in just about every context. But, you have to keep trying. You have to keep going. If you remain optimistic and smile even though you may not want to, you will get there and you will make it. Take those risks.

3– Embrace the unknown and apply everywhere.

I stunted my personal growth for so long because I was afraid to leave my comfort zone and take risks. While Mount prepared me well, I knew nothing about Country Clubs, golf, or ever worked in an office outside of Mount Union a month ago. If you think it can grow you and you can grow it, go for it.


So, thank you Mount Union for getting me this far. This internship is my first real step into what I may very well do for a big part of my life. If you (yes, you the reader), would like to learn more or solicit advice that I couldn’t share through this platform, reach out.

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