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Feels Like Home

Posted on June 10th, by Justin Lepley in Value. Comments Off on Feels Like Home

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Growing up just outside of Alliance, it seems like I’ve always wanted to come to Mount Union. I remember back in sixth grade I started asking for Mount gear for Christmas because that’s where I was going after high school. It has always just seemed like the next step for me and now that I’m here, it really couldn’t feel more like home.

I heard a lot of people talk about how I would miss out on campus life as a commuter student, or how I would never feel as connected. In my experience, this hasn’t been true at all. I feel a deeper connection with Mount Union because it is really a major part of the community. Even when I’m off campus it is easy to see how the University is involved, either as a sponsor or partner, in much of what takes place. When I tell people I’m a student there is an instant connection, even if they didn’t attend themselves. They have undoubtedly had an experience with the school or know someone who has. When I’m on campus, I feel just like every other student participating in clubs and other campus events.

While it is hard to believe that I’m already here, one thing I know is that I definitely made the right choice in attending Mount Union.

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