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Everybody Wins! Why Students Should Be Using Merit!

Posted on August 12th, by Brandon Lucas in Career Path, Social Media. Comments Off on Everybody Wins! Why Students Should Be Using Merit!

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Having a resume or a LinkedIn page can be a little scary. How do I format my resume? What is the best way to fit everything? How do I make it look professional and neat? Most of all, I don’t have time! Time is everything in this day and age. That’s why Merit is here!

You may be asking yourself, “What is Merit?” Merit is a website that allows students to get the recognition they deserve! With Merit, Mount Union can publicize a student’s achievements, ranging from Dean’s List, studying abroad or volunteering at an event. With all of your achievements, Merit makes you your own personalized page and voila you are ready to go! Once you have a page, your achievements will build up over time so you don’t have to constantly remember when you made Dean’s List or try and fit four years’ worth of activities on one page of a resume. Each time you receive an achievement, you get a specialized badge that symbolizes that achievement from Mount Union to ensure its authenticity. The options are limitless with Merit.

Mount Union has over 80 plus organizations on campus. Whether you are in Greek Life, write for The Dynamo or help at events for RPB, these organization showcase your talents, why not display them for all to see? Along with having badges, Merit gives you a campus activities and work experience tab. This allows you to further explain what you are doing in a campus organization or at an internship. You can go in full detail about what you are doing instead of highlighting a select few experiences for a resume. You can even attach your work with it, so if you did graphic design work for a poster for coffee house or made a video for a class, you can attach it. Essentially, it’s an online resume!

Social media is powerful in our society. With Facebook and Twitter as our personal outlets, Merit can be used as a professional social medium outlet. As a professional source, it can be used to connect with fellow Raiders and your friends from high school to constantly be updated with what they are doing and to get ideas on how to format your own Merit. You could even spark a little competition between you and your friends to see who can get the most badges by the end of the semester. Loser has to buy B&B for the winner!

Having your family and friends constantly updated with what’s going on at college can be a hassle at times. Trying to set up a phone call, trying to explain what you did and so many other little things take up time. With Merit, it takes the hassle out of it! When you receive a badge, you can share it to your social media platforms. This way your family and friends can see (and be jealous) of all that you have done at college! Even if your family does not own social media, Merit writes a press release and sends it to your hometown newspaper. This way everyone can see your accomplishments, even potential employers. Speaking of employers, a good way to make you stand out from the crowd can be including a link to your Merit page on a resume or on your LinkedIn page. This can further help you be more memorable in the eyes of an employer.

You must be thinking how do I get my Merit page? If you received an email saying you received a badge from Mount Union, then you are good to go! Follow the link https://mountunion.meritpages.com/ to Mount Union’s Merit page to “claim” your account. If you don’t have an award yet don’t worry there is always time to receive a badge. If you need an example of how to set up your account, check out Mount Union’s mascot Mucaw and his own Merit page! It does not matter if you are an incoming freshman or a veteran senior get involved today and take advantage of what Merit has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Claim your Merit page and get the recognition you deserve!

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