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Get Noticed with Merit Pages

by Rachel Brumenschenkel ’18

I have been a student worker at the Office of Marketing for three years, and one of my duties is to work on Merit pages. Merit is a website used by universities and students to recognize …

Time Efficiency Tips from National Champions

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BY: Mallory Glenn ’19

Mount Union Purple Raiders don’t just dominate on the football field. As you’ve probably already discovered, Mount Union recently earned national titles in track and field and wrestling.

The Mount Union men’s indoor track and field …

What I Learned From a Team of NBA Champions – And What They Learned From Me

By Riley Schenk ’18, sport business major double-minoring in business administration and psychology


When I first started my college career at the University of Mount Union, I never thought I would be working with The Cleveland Cavaliers Organization as directly …

8 Signs You’re a Die Hard Purple Raider Fan

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It’s the start of the semester & campus is buzzing with the excitement of seeing your friends and settling back into your true home away from home. With Fall sports in full swing, practices underway, and the first football game …

From Cornfields to Rio

There are a lot of incoming first-year students this year to Mount Union’s campus and many of them have achieved athletic success. However, very few have faced the adversity that Class of #Mount2020 member A.J. Digby has faced throughout his …

Is Your Pre-Workout Supplement a Gimmick?

Do you enjoy that rush and tingle you get by taking pre-workout tablets or powders before you exercise? How much does your training benefit? And are all those ingredients in the formula equally beneficial?

My sister, who is a surgeon, …

How a Jersey Patch Costs More Than Your Tuition

The world of professional sports is a $1.5 trillion industry across the world – yeah that’s trillion, with a “T.” North American sports alone make up a third of that at an estimated $498 billion, according to Plunkett Research, Ltd.…

#MountUnion Student Makes it to the Olympics!

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Aloha! My name is Kelani Nuckols and I am a junior in the exercise science program here at Mount Union.

The number one question I get is, where is the name Kelani from? And I bet you probably questioned my …

What it Means to be a Student Athlete

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Since balancing school work with a social life is hard enough, I thought I would be crazy to join an athletic team as well; now here I am, happier than ever to say that I am a member of the …

Top 5 Workout Routines

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We’re college students, so let’s face it, we love to go out; whether it’s a quick run to Taco Bell or at a sit down restaurant aiming for those half price appetizers. Sooner or later, it starts to catch up,