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A Coffee for Your Thoughts

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BY: Cheyanne Gonzales ’18

With finals week starting here at the University of Mount Union, there is no escaping the stress-induced late nights spent in the library. The last of our assignments are due and the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel tells us that winter break is so close. But so is the desire to sleep and procrastinate. There is one drink, however, that helps us all to stay awake. It motivates us. It keeps us going. What is this magical beverage?


So, I decided to see what my fellow students thought of the local coffee shops by having them try four different black coffees and not telling them which was which. This taste test was conducted on campus at Mount Union.

The Four Shops

Esso Coffee

Opening less than a month ago, Esso is the newest coffee shop in Alliance, and it has already become a favorite hangout for many students. The quaint shop features lattes, cappuccinos, drip coffee, and a variety of pour over coffees. For a large drip coffee (12 oz) the price is $2.75. For a pour over coffee (also 12 oz) the price is $3.25. The small shop has a few tables making it a potential spot for studying during finals week.

“The first taste, I was not a fan,” said Austin Olbrych ’18, a computer science major from Cortland, Ohio. “But the flavor that lingers is pretty good.”

Dunkin’ Donuts

This is always a favorite of college students. The variety of flavors and styles of coffee comes at a decent price with a large (20 oz) hot coffee priced at only $2.19, but coffee isn’t the only offering they have. Dunkin’ Donuts holds up to their name and offers a variety of donuts, muffins, bagels and more for people to enjoy with their morning coffee.

“It’s strong and has a lot of flavor,” said Hailee Brown ’19, a marketing major from Chesterland, Ohio. “I like it the best.”

Four Kids Coffee

A new addition to Alliance, Four Kids offers gluten-free, nut-free and vegan pastries and food along with their coffee. A 16 oz cup of coffee is priced at $2.10. The atmosphere in the shop is quiet and perfect for studying, plus it’s close proximity to campus gives students a convenient place to buy a cup of coffee and enjoy the free Wi-Fi and coffee-shop feel.

“It’s bitter and herbal,” Layn Palmer ’18 a writing major from Paris, Ohio. “It’s not bad.”


One of the most well-known coffee shops around the world, Starbucks offers a large (20 oz) cup of coffee for $2.45. The choices don’t end there, however. Starbucks offers a variety of specialty drinks, pastries and food items. The free Wi-Fi and dining area allow students a comfortable place to study.

“It was dark and strong, but not overbearing,” said Megan Leibensperger ’18, a business and Spanish double major from Green, Ohio.


Overall, most of the students preferred the black coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts over the others. However, each shop his its merits. While Dunkin’ Donuts had the best coffee, there isn’t a place for students to study comfortably. Esso, Starbucks and Four Kids Coffee have atmospheres that are better suited for studying.

For students looking for someplace close to get a good cup of coffee in between studying for finals, Esso and Four Kids are good choices and provide cozy atmospheres to set up their laptops and books.

No matter where you decide to get that extra pick-me-up as we close out the fall semester, I hope everyone gets through finals in one piece and has a great holiday break!

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