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8 of the Best Blogging Tips Ever

Posted on February 13th, by University of Mount Union Staff in Social Media. No Comments

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1 – Grab the readers’ attention immediately
Time is limited, so be sure to lead off with something that will grab your readers’ attention quickly.

2 – Breakup your text with bullets and numbered lists
Everybody loves lists! (And let’s face it, nobody is going to read every single word you write.) Separating your text into lists and bullet points makes it more easier for your readers to digest, holding their attention even longer.

3 – Keywords matter
For the sake of search engine optimization (SEO), the keywords and phrases you use matter significantly, especially in the title of your blog post. Picking a good title is key!

4 – Write about what you know
Everyone is an expert in something – that’s why we picked you! Write about what you know (and fake the stuff you don’t).

5 – Refer to other blog posts and articles
Hyper-linking other blog posts and/or articles within your post is a great way to give your readers more information as to what you’re talking about without overloading the reader with context. (It’s also a great social media practice, overall!)

6 – What do you read?
Don’t try to be overly professional or overly funny. Be yourself and write something that would be worth reading to you – chances are it will be worth reading to someone else.

7 – Ask questions
Encourage interaction! Write something that will get people enthusiastic about commenting.

8 – Sharing is caring
Whether you share by email, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, it’s a great way to get your content out there and in front of others. What good is a blog if no one ever reads it?!

When representing Mount Union, refrain from taking political and public policy positions or appearing to endorse or amplify political opinions and public policy positions. Only the Board of Trustees can speak or authorize the president to speak on behalf of the institution on political and public policy, and it would likely only do in a circumstance where the well-being of Mount Union and of higher education would be very adversely or very positively affected.

Our blog site and all of our other official University communication channels are promotional in nature. They are not tools for political debate. Mount Union community members are perfectly entitled to hold and express their personal opinions on political or controversial issues, but the University must refrain from lending an institutional platform to these personal positions as doing so invites people to misconstrue them as Mount Union’s positions.

Written with help from Dan Rickershauser’s “10 best practices for corporate blogging

Sharing is caring!

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