Wait, I thought exams were over…

Wait, I thought exams were over…

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Well, hello again :]

As I wrote in my last blog, I’m working at the Winking Lizard Tavern this summer.  I did the whole internship thing last summer and I really am trying hard to make a ton of money this summer because I graduate in December!! Aahhh.

It’s been so fun so far working there. They have an extensive training process, which includes nine days of shadowing, hands-on work and a ton of tests.  Their menu is very large, not to mention they have over 250 different kinds of beer that I should be able to answer customers’ questions about.

Luckily, since school is out, I have the time to study when I am at home and I’ve been doing really well on my tests.  I have three more days of server training and then I finally get to serve on my own! We also just opened the patio because it’s so nice outside; I hope I’ll be able serve outside this summer because I looooove being outdoors. :]

That’s really all my summer has consisted of so far. I’ve worked every day since I moved home and I had Mother’s Day off. They wanted me to work the next seven days in a row, but I asked if I could do a double one day instead and they were fine with that. So, I get tomorrow off and I’m going to the zoo with the boyfriend!

It’s important to work hard and especially to work hard to be able to achieve your goals and dreams, but you always have to make sure you save a little bit of time to do things for yourself and have fun.  It can’t just be all work and no play.  :]

P.S. I’m sooo happy the sun is finally out and it is PERFECT running weather!

Happy Monday :]