The Road to Washington

The Road to Washington

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As a man who was born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, I have had the opportunity to experience (nearly) everything Northeast Ohio has to offer. I have swum in the hazardous waters of Lake Erie, attended the famed St. Patrick’s Day parade and enjoyed the theatrical and cosmetic brilliance of a production at Playhouse Square. I have felt the pride that manifests intrinsically within every Clevelander and felt that same pride get mangled and scarred as a certain basketball star (I have vowed to refrain from saying his name in 2012 as a New Year’s resolution) took his talents to South Beach. Through the good and the bad, I have been with this awesome community for my entire life.

As I approached my final semester in college, the prospect of a new chapter in my life led me to make a difficult decision. I have chosen to spend my last 4 months in the nations capital to intern in a program called The Washington Center. During this time, I will be working for a consulting firm and getting a good taste of the “real world.” It is an excellent opportunity to explore a career path that is known for it’s fast-paced and high-pressure environment.

When people ask me why I decided to go on this journey, the answer I give them is reaffirmed constantly by what we see in the media. The best example is the republican debate just a few days before the South Carolina primary elections. Witnessing grown men attacking the character and integrity of other grown men on national television illustrates that there is something very wrong with how we choose our nation’s leaders. It is my goal to DO GOOD in the world and to change the hostile atmosphere of politics, one person at a time.

I am writing this post on the road to Washington. All my belongings are sitting next to me, as I begin a new and exciting experience in my life. This blog will help chronicle some of my adventures in D.C., and I’ll probably throw some fun stuff in too. I hope you enjoy reading these entries as much as I will enjoy writing them!

I will certainly miss my friends, family, dear old Mount Union, my awesome girlfriend of almost three years and my beloved Cleveland sports, but I am confident that this is a risk worth taking. There is, as with many things, opportunity to fail, but that will only make success that much sweeter if obtained. Anyone who has taken Finance 101 will know that “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.” It’s about time for me and every ambitious reader out there to prove that saying true.