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Tailgating Treats: Dorm Room Edition

Raider alumni flock from all corners of the Earth, the only color in sight is purple and the sweet smell of brunch waffles wafts along the cool autumn breeze—football season is upon us and with football, comes tailgating. While tailgating …

Back to the fossil age or forward to renewables? Heated differences regarding climate change in party platforms

By Dr. Lori Kumler

On Tuesday (8/30) I had the pleasure of attending a panel made up of our students who attended the party conventions this summer.  The presentation touched on many aspects of their experience: behind the scenes events, …

8 Signs You’re a Die Hard Purple Raider Fan

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It’s the start of the semester & campus is buzzing with the excitement of seeing your friends and settling back into your true home away from home. With Fall sports in full swing, practices underway, and the first football game …

Trump and NATO

by Dr. Michael Grossman

There has been a lot of criticism of Donald Trump’s foreign policy, especially his comments about NATO and the apparent condition he has set for our continued support.  When asked if the US will come to …

10 Things NOT to Do on Your First Day of College

So, you got in, you accepted the offer, you went to Target with your mom and bought the shower caddy, the desk organizer, the fresh sheets, maybe even a new pair of jeans or two. You’re moved in, you have …

8 Things You Didn’t Learn at Preview

There are things you probably weren’t told while on a tour or at Preview. You’ll learn them after being on campus for a little bit. Hi, I’m Cody Rohaley ’17 and I’m a marketing major, leadership and economics minor, brother …

From Cornfields to Rio

There are a lot of incoming first-year students this year to Mount Union’s campus and many of them have achieved athletic success. However, very few have faced the adversity that Class of #Mount2020 member A.J. Digby has faced throughout his …

How a Jersey Patch Costs More Than Your Tuition

The world of professional sports is a $1.5 trillion industry across the world – yeah that’s trillion, with a “T.” North American sports alone make up a third of that at an estimated $498 billion, according to Plunkett Research, Ltd.…

How Lucky Are We to Have This Experience?

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AT trip to Europe days 3–4: visit to WWII cemetery, Maastricht, ultrasound diagnostics, Lindt Chocolate Factory

Hi everyone, my name is Mary Claire Chester and I am a sophomore in the athletic training program at the University of Mount

October Photo Challenge

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Howdy howdy howdy Raiders!

My name is Adam Infantino, and I work for the Mount Union Social Team. This October we’re doing this super cool Instagram campaign. It involves you guys taking pictures (*GASP*) for different categories that will be …