T is for Traveling

T is for Traveling

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Aaahh it’s been a crazy week! Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I went on a mini-vacation to Presque Isle in Erie, PA.  It was so great to get away from work and everything for a few days and just have time to relax and have fun.  We went to the Erie Zoo, visited the beaches at Presque Isle, spent a little bit of time (and money) at the casino, swam in our beautiful pool at the hotel and enjoyed delicious meals at local restaurants.  After vacation, it was back to work for a few days and now I’m about to leave again!

I leave tomorrow on a flight to Kansas City, Missouri.  There I will be working to help manage the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I’ve mentioned this in my blog before but just as a little refresher, I’m going with the company that I interned with last summer and they hired me back this summer to help out here and there.  I’m so excited to go back to Kansas City and very excited to work this event.

It’s may be a week of very long workdays but it’s also fun seeing the city and I love the work we do.  I gain such great experience on each and every event I help with and I really can’t complain about anything on these trips. :]

I better get going because I have to finish packing my suitcase!  It’s so hard packing; I always feel like I’m going to forget something … oh well.  I will definitely write again when I get back … just a few more weeks until school starts!