Oh, it’s Monday

Oh, it’s Monday

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Happy Monday!

You can always tell when it’s Monday at school…  Everyone just seems tired.  It was 68 degrees out today though so I think that brought everyone’s mood up just a little :]  I feel like the weekends always go by way too fast! Ugh.  This week seems like it’s a busy one for everyone.  There are a lot of tests, quizzes and projects happening right now.  It’s fun though – I really do like staying busy, so I don’t mind the work. Just hope I can get some sleep this week!

Tonight, I have three meetings in a row starting at 7 p.m. First is Studio M, which is the television station on campus.  I’ve been involved with the station since I came to Mount three years ago.  It’s really cool being able to know what goes into a television show and how exactly to work all of the equipment.  During the meetings, we usually talk about what is going on, what needs to be filmed and if anyone has any new ideas for TV shows.  There is a sports guy, Billy, who has a couple shows where he interviews coaches and players on the Mount Union athletic teams.

At 7:30 p.m. is the Dynamo editor meeting, which is when all of the editors for the newspaper get together to discuss story ideas and what we’d like to see in the paper for the following week.  This requires us to know what exactly is going on around campus but also to be looking for interview subjects and events to cover.

Then at 8 p.m., the entire Dynamo staff arrives for a meeting.  This meeting is where the editors, writers and photographers get together to collaborate and assign story ideas.  Writers can choose to write about any story that interests them and they are always encouraged to speak up with their own story ideas as well.

I think that’s what I love so much about the media outlets here at Mount Union.  I love being involved and I especially love being a part of the leadership teams, but it is so exciting because we can really take them wherever we’d like to.  If there’s something you’re mad, sad or happy about, write a commentary article for the Dynamo! Have something you’re interested in?  Interview someone or cover an event, and you can use the interview for the newspaper or radio station.

Last year, two of my friends and I had an idea for a television show at Studio M, so we were told to go ahead with it and we ran it a few times.  Our show was called “For Your Entertainment,” and basically the three of us found entertainment news stories that interested us and we discussed them.  It was really fun and I think you can learn a lot about yourself when you see yourself on television.  It helps you to know certain things you do with your hands while you’re talking or maybe it will teach you that you should smile more :]

Everything we do here is always a learning experience … but it is also fun and it is completely up to each individual to make it their own.  Have a great week!


Nice to meet you :)

Nice to meet you :)

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Well, hello there.  My name is Shannon and I am one of the authors of this blog.  I’m really excited to be blogging about Mount Union and my experiences here because I really have had some cool moments and I love to write.

First of all, I’ll start with a little bit about myself.  I am from Concord, Ohio, which is a town in Northeast Ohio.  It is in between Mentor and Painesville.  I really enjoy going to Mount Union because home is only a hour and a half away.  When looking at schools I considered Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and Baldwin Wallace in Berea, Ohio.  Miami was about five hours away from home and I did not want to be that far in case I wanted to drive home for the weekend.  On the other side of the spectrum, Baldwin Wallace was about 40 minutes away from home and that was just a little too close.  I wanted to feel like I was going away, while still feeling close enough to home, so Mount seemed perfect.

I visited campus my junior year in high school and absolutely fell in love with it.  Now, if you’ve ever been on the campus, you know what I’m talking about.  Everything is so green here and the buildings are really nice.  Aside from that, the people at this school are incredible.  When I came for a visit, I heard a statistic about the ratio of students to professors and was very impressed.  This was another deciding factor in why I wanted to come to Mount.  I didn’t want to go to a large public university and just be another statistic, another number, in a classroom or giant lecture hall.  Here, the professors will meet with you outside of class any day to discuss class work or anything else that you are concerned with or interested in.  Well, that’s a little bit about why I came to Mount Union, now I’d like to tell you a little bit about my life since I’ve been here…

I am currently in my third year of school here and have been really involved each year.  I will probably go further in depth with these positions at a later date, but for now, here are the organizations that I have been involved with.  I am currently the assistant editor of our school newspaper, The Dynamo, and have been the commentary editor, student life editor, writer and photographer.  I still write and take pictures for the paper on a weekly basis, because as I said before, I have a strong passion for writing.

I am also involved with the radio station here on campus, WRMU 91.1 FM, and I have held the position of news director for the past two years.  I am also a member of Student Senate, the Association of Women Students (AWS), our school’s television station which is called Studio M, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and a few honor societies on campus.  I have loved being at a small, private school because there are so many opportunities to become involved in and you can really dip into whatever it is that you are interested in.

My major here at Mount Union is communication.  Within the major, we have what we call “concentrations” and those are basically just areas to specialize in.  My concentrations are media studies and public relations.  I also have two minors which are English and psychology.

So, that’s a snapshot of who I am and what I do here at Mount Union, I hope you continue to check out the blog to see what else is going on campus, in my life and in the communication department.  :}

Meet Samantha

Meet Samantha

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Hi : ) I’m Samantha and I am a junior communication major concentrating in both public relations and media studies with a minor in sport business.

To give you a little preview of who I am, I’ll start with what I’m involved in here at Mount Union. I am the president of our fairly new (and growing) Public Relations Student Society of America (aka PRSSA) chapter as well as the front page editor of our student-run newspaper, The Dynamo. I am the public relations director of our campus radio station, WRMU 91.1 FM, where I also have a radio show called “Late Night Jams.” I’m also involved with our campus TV station, Studio M, where I do some PR tasks as well as work in front of the cameras. As you can tell, I have a strong passion for communication, especially public relations. The more I get involved in what this school has to offer, the more I fall in love with the field.

My involvement here at school has really opened up new doors for me. My hard work earned me an awesome internship with the Cleveland Indians last summer where I had the time of my life … I was able to be on the field for batting practice, met all the front office employees and even interacted with many players. Aside from those great opportunities, I attended press conferences and was able to work game-day photography. I’ve also met some really great people from the trips we’ve taken and have had some fabulous opportunities. Once, we took a trip to Fox 8 News in Cleveland where we met Mount Union graduate Stefani Schaefer and I was able to read a story live on the morning news!

I was born and raised in Cleveland and I could not be more proud. I am a huge Tribe fan (could ya tell?) whether they win or lose. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing and social networking. Lately, however, I’ve fallen in love with kickboxing and Zumba thanks to the classes offered here on campus. I also have a strong passion for traveling!

To learn more about life here at Mount, check back to our blogs; they’re going to be pretty awesome!