Remember what I said about opportunities?!

Remember what I said about opportunities?!

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So in most of my previous blog posts, I have mentioned that “Wow, Mount hooked me up with this internship,” or “Hey, I was on Fox 8 news all because of Mount,” and so on and so forth …

Well, those opportunities did not stop there!!!

This past weekend, Friday afternoon in fact, I checked my email and had a message from one of my favorite professors, Harry Paidas. He told me that they needed someone to do some sideline reporting for the homecoming football game… better yet, it was going to be broadcasted on SPORTS TIME OHIO (STO)!!!

If you have read my posts before, you know how I love sports, Cleveland sports, media, etc. This was right up my alley and SUCH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

I called him right away and told him I was more than willing.

So, after going on a nice little shopping spree to find the right outfit (of course), I prepared myself for my STO debut. (Ignoring the couple of times I made it on there over the summer through my Indians job… I made a fool of myself every time!)

Saturday morning started out like any home football game morning. I got some things ready for WRMU and worked the pregame festivities that WRMU puts on every game. As it became closer and closer to game time, I became more and more nervous.

Soon I was in the media van, getting my interview questions ready as well as learning all the quick and easy-to-learn rules for the day. I was given my STO microphone as well as my headset and was off to do my sideline reporting.

My first time on camera I was so nervous! I probably spoke faster than I ever have before, and I would be shocked if someone told me that he or she couldn’t tell I was shaking…

After the first quarter, I interviewed President Dr. Richard Giese, and at halftime I interviewed Anne Graffice (the director of alumni relations and university activities). After the third quarter I interviewed Mount Union’s wrestling coaches, and at the end of the game I interviewed the star of the game, Jasper Collins.

While it was beyond obvious that I was only a beginner, it was so much fun and so very exciting. I would definitely do it again.

I think about it and I would not have this opportunity anywhere else. I owe it all to my professors (especially Harry Paidas, for thinking of me for that opportunity) and the Office of Sports Information here at Mount. If I had never been involved at our TV studio here on campus, where I have conducted several interviews in the past (including one with Pierre Garcon, while he was here during the off season from the Colts), I would have never been presented with this opportunity.