Just Dance

Just Dance

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What is one thing people love to do, but they usually aren’t good and hate doing it in front of other people?  Dancing!

Let’s be serious, who doesn’t sing and dance in the car?  I do!  I also dance in my room when nobody’s watching.  I am pretty decent at Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance, but I’ve always been eager to learn how to dance, any kind of dance.  I can Bernie like nobody’s business. The running man is an easy one. Every day I am not shuffling, and I can dance like any other person at a club, but that’s all too easy.

The dance class I am taking is PE 140 and it takes place in the multi-purpose room in The MAAC.  I’ve learned Foxtrot, Swing and Rumba.  It is a 1-credit course, although we meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday.  My class is small so we are personally taught, which definitely helps a great deal when you’re doing something you’ve pretty much never done before.

My favorite is probably swing simply because it is upbeat music and I can’t help but smile when I am doing it.  This is easily the only class I have taken where I am smiling and laughing nearly the entire time.  Simply put, it is fun!  Foxtrot is meant for slow and smooth movement across the dance floor.  I feel classy while I am dancing and I feel as if I should be in a tuxedo.  Rumba is all in the hips.  I am no Shakira but you have to be sexy to say the least while dancing.

What have I learned from this class?  The man is the leader and the woman follows.  Dancing and haunted houses are possibly the only two things where the man leads and the woman follows.  Mount Union doesn’t only offer the traditional academic classes like high school, you have a chance to let go and have fun.  When I am just having a stressful week, I honestly look forward to dancing.  It takes my mind off of all the stress and I just focus on stepping in time and making sure my partner follows my lead.

If you want to add another class for next semester, I highly recommend PE 140 or PE 141.  It is only one credit but it makes it feel as if you are taking less classes simply because you are having more fun than you normally would.  You also have to learn to keep up the beat with the music, and it requires some coordination. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have the best coordination, that’s what this class is for … teaching you how to dance.  So go for it, just dance!