‘Twas the night before classes…

‘Twas the night before classes…

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It is the night before classes resume.. I cannot believe spring break is over already.  Ugh. Seriously, time goes by waaaaay too fast.  Not to mention it was daylight savings today so we lost an hour. : (

Anyway, I always contemplate when to go back to school after a break or a long weekend at home. Most students want to get back on Sunday, but I just loooove being at home on Sundays.  We always have a nice family dinner and watch “Desperate Housewives.” It’s like our ritual and I hate missing it by going back.  Obviously one of the perks to going back on a Sunday is that I would be able to unpack all my stuff so my room isn’t a mess when I get back.  I have no idea what happens but I feel like every time I come home, I accumulate so much more stuff to come back with me.  Ugh.  Oh well.

I decided to wait to go back tomorrow (Monday) morning.  I’d like to get a good night of sleep here and then head out for an early morning drive.  As I said before, I’m an hour and a half away so it’s not too bad of a drive and the mornings are much more scenic than driving in the dark!

Last year, living in an on-campus residence hall, I would always worry about what time I would get back to school because of the parking situation.  I’d either try to get back on Sunday night or just get to school really early the next morning.  If I got to school just a few minutes before my class would begin, I’d have to park “far” and then lug all my stuff farther to get to my room.  It’s such a weird thing though, parking at Mount.  So many students say that their biggest complaint is that “we don’t have enough parking” or that “we have to park so far.”

First of all, we have a small campus, so anywhere you park on campus isn’t really that far.  Second of all, one of my favorite things about Mount that I think most students take for granted and forget about is the fact that parking is free.  Most colleges and universities have to pay a parking pass fee, and it’s usually anywhere from $60-$200 from what I’ve heard from my friends that go to other schools.  Mount does not charge for parking AND they allow freshmen to bring cars (also for free).

I loved bringing my car freshman year.  Being new to the campus and to the city, it was nice to be able to travel around the city to the grocery store when I needed to or be able to go home for the weekend when it was convenient for me.

Now that I live in an off-campus house, I don’t have to worry about when to get back to school because we have our own personal driveway, which is awesome : )  So, it’s back to the grind tomorrow.  Classes, meetings, homework, workouts, friends and social events.  Break has been extremely fantastic but I guess I’m excited to go back.  Just about a month and a half left of this semester!! : )