Spring break… ALREADY?!

Spring break… ALREADY?!

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Ahh, spring break … where does the time go?

It seriously feels like just yesterday that I was signing the lease for our off-campus house for my junior year with my four best friends.

“This year is going to be SO much fun!” I remember us all saying that with excitement. Heck yea, it was a blast – but the year is already almost over!

As cliché as it sounds, time goes by unbelievably fast, and especially in college. This is my second to last spring break I’ll ever have. Wow. Just thinking about how quickly this year flew drives me crazy. It truly teaches me not to take anything for granted — yeah, yeah, we hear it all the time — but seriously, the friends you gain and the memories you make. Take it all in and let nothing pass you by.

This post got me thinking about the past +2.5 years and all of the memories I’ve made. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one favorite so I’ll share a few:

  • WRMU took a director’s road trip to the Youngstown area where we went to a radio station, TV station and then got dinner. Shannon and I were so obsessed with the dinner we ate that we made a special trip all the way there just to get it again.
  • There is a huge rumor within the Mount Union community that Chapman Hall is haunted, right? Well, a group of ghost hunters came up on a Friday night to try and figure out whether this was true or not. You can bet that we were there, video cameras in hand, filming this experience for Studio M. (I won’t tell you what we found! You’ll have to find out for yourself.)
  • The WRMU staff loves to volunteer and do things together. So, one Saturday this past fall, we went out to Salem to spend the day at Alchemy Acres. We spent the whole day hanging out in the beautiful weather and playing with animals.
  • The First Ever R91 JAMBOREE! – The shows on WRMU used to be called “The After 10s” but we went ahead and gave the shows a makeover and decided to call them the “R91 Shows.” In celebration of the change, we decided to introduce the new concept to the campus by holding a party in Campus Grounds! We gave away prizes, free merchandise, had food, games and more. It was a successful event and we had a blast.

Trust me — the list can go on and on.

Have a great spring break!