Double Review: The Hunger Games

Double Review: The Hunger Games

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I heard about The Hunger Games from a number of my teammates who were reading the book. I didn’t even know they read books so this instantly convinced me to want to read this specific book. I bought it online and it took longer for it to be delivered than it did for me to read it. I finished the book the night before I saw the movie. The book pretty much took over my life until I finished it. It was hard for me to put it down as I had to figure out what happened next and how it happened.

This book was definitely an original piece but at the same time it reminded me of The Greatest Game, a story about a hunter hunting another hunter. Overall, this book is at a reading level that anyone in the family can enjoy.  I’m no critic, but I am critiquing this book anyways.

I saw the movie expecting it to be not as good as the book (just like any other book that is made into a movie), and I was right. But compared to other books that have been made into movies, this was a very good movie. It was easy to understand for anyone that didn’t read the book. I know a few things were left out from the book, but the movie was still about two-hours long and it didn’t disappoint. I felt anxious while reading the book. During the movie I felt a wider range of emotions, but it wasn’t as intense as the book.

Either way, I enjoyed both and I still have to read the second and third book of The Hunger Games. Once I get the money, I’ll buy them, read them and maybe even review them. If not, I suggest you read all three and let me know how they are.