Spring Break Plans

Spring Break Plans

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I’ve never done anything really exciting for spring break. I visited my family in Portland one year but that was about it. This spring is probably the first spring break where I don’t know what I am going to do. I have the chance to go to Florida, home or I can just stay at Mount Union.

If I go to Florida, I’m obviously going to have a good time with my friends, have an actual warm spring break and I’ll get to relax. That doesn’t sound bad at all. The main problem is money because I never really have a lot of that green stuff.

If I go home, it will be snowing like it did last spring break, so that’s no fun. I may go sledding if there is enough snow though. You can never be too old for sledding. I won’t do anything productive other than catching up on movies that I’ve been waiting to watch.

If I stay at school, I’ll be helping the guys who may make it to the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championships. My goal is to represent Mount Union one day at that national tournament, and I know if I was training for it, I’d want good drill partners, which is what I want to do for my teammates now. I’d also work as a student ambassador, so I’d be making money and staying healthy.

Most people will be going home over spring break, maybe even on vacation with their friends, but this spring break, I’m most likely going to be doing something productive for the first time ever.