iPad in the Classroom

iPad in the Classroom

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This past semester, Mount Union gave me an iPad … but only for the semester. The school gave everyone in my cognitive psychology class an iPad for the semester. We were one of three classes that were given iPads, as we were pilot groups to see if the University wanted to provide all incoming freshmen with iPads.

Every other week, we had to take a survey about how we use the iPad and how often we used it. I only used it in class when we were looking at Power Points or taking notes. Other than that, I used it maybe for one or two hours during the whole week. Our book was online, which was cheaper than buying the book. It was hard for me though to get motivated to read when the book is online and not physically in front of me.

I honestly used the iPad more for games and Netflix. I will admit that it is definitely convenient to use when I need to write an email or quickly check something else online. I also bought an app for learning muscles for athletic training but that was about it when it came to productivity of the iPad.

We took our exams on ANGEL while in class on our iPads. As for the essay questions, we had to type our answers on the iPad. I didn’t mind typing on the tablet, but I definitely type faster on a regular keyboard. Plus, I was less motivated to write more simply because it took longer. I shouldn’t be so lazy, but I still wrote enough to answer the question.

Having an iPad is convenient. I would still never buy one though. It didn’t affect my grades either; it was still up to me if I wanted to learn the material.  At first I thought it was going to be really cool having an iPad but at the end of the semester, I really didn’t mind giving it back