Seeing “Old” Friends

Seeing “Old” Friends

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Friends come and go. It’s the way life is.  The connections you make can last for a moment, a school year or even a lifetime.  You can go years without seeing a friend from high school and the next time you see them, it’s like you didn’t miss a beat and left off right where you were all those years ago.  Seeing friends from college is a little different since you’ve only known these people for a few months or a few years. But since you live with them, have class with them and see them around every day, it feels as if you grew up with them and it was meant to be.  I mean, we all chose the same school, right?

I have a friend from elementary school that moved to Florida in the sixth grade.  We never talked again until we were in high school.  My sophomore year in high school he was able to talk me into visiting him in Florida for a week.  I went the summer before my senior year and the year after that.  When I visited him and his family, there were obviously the “I missed you” hugs, but after that, it was as if we’ve seen each other every day.  We were able to talk and act as if we’ve seen each other every day although we haven’t seen each other in years.  This summer he moved to Los Angeles and I visited him with two of my friends that he never met before, and all of them immediately became best friends.  In the picture to the right is Ethan, Tyler (Me), Charbel and Tony.  Ethan and Charbel had never met Tony before this vacation, and now they are great friends. Friendship is able to travel far whether it is in distance or through time.

Today I saw someone I truly missed.  Her name is Caroline and she transferred after the first semester of our freshmen year.  She was easily one of my best friends during that time last year and when she transferred, it was sad seeing someone I wanted to know so much better just leave.  When I saw her today, I immediately was able to smell her large dose of perfume, which is something I weirdly missed, but it seemed as if I just saw her the other day.  I forgot I hadn’t seen her in nearly a year and I had so much to say but I just didn’t know what to say.  I was just caught up in the moment of seeing her.  I only knew her for a semester of college and I’m better friends with her than I am with some of my friends from high school.

For me and probably for everyone, friendships can begin so quickly and yet they feel like you’ve known them forever.  The point of this blog is to let everyone know that friendships can come and go, and some will never die.  I prefer to not let them get distant, although it does happen.  If you miss someone from home or even someone who transferred, give him or her a call, don’t text.  A call will truly say on its own that you wanted to talk and you want to stay in contact for a lot longer than just a few days.