Raider Relief launches the Abandoned Stuffed Animal Project

Raider Relief launches the Abandoned Stuffed Animal Project

Visit today! The Project Welcome to Project ASAP, brought to you by Raider Relief. We’re putting together the biggest stuffed animal drive ever! Help the University of Mount Union and our awesome supporters in the city of Alliance as we donate our gently used stuffed animals to be professionally cleaned (by Cintas) and sent … Read more

Visit today!

The Project

Welcome to Project ASAP, brought to you by Raider Relief. We’re putting together the biggest stuffed animal drive ever! Help the University of Mount Union and our awesome supporters in the city of Alliance as we donate our gently used stuffed animals to be professionally cleaned (by Cintas) and sent out to kids who will love them.

When does it start?

We officially begin collecting donations on March 31 and will continue until April 5.

Take the Teddy Pledge!

Click HERE to take the “Teddy Pledge!” Give us your best guess of how many abandoned stuffed animals you’ll collect from home Easter weekend, and we’ll send a text message to remind you before you leave home!

Where to donate?

Feel free to drop off your donations at the University of Mount Union Library (KHIC) or Family Video in Alliance.

What exactly to donate?

Please bring your used, lovable, stuffed animals to donate. We’re looking for the sort of stuffed animal that you used to love playing with, but is ready for another child to love

Want to chat?

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for some Teddy shenanigans! Follow the #ProjectASAP hashtag as well!

Wilderness Experience

Wilderness Experience

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This picture is of my friend Stephen (Paul) while we were camping. I only brought my phone with me to take pictures and to let my mom know I was OK.

I recently applied and was accepted to go on the Wilderness Experience. I remember reading Zak’s blog about his wilderness experience and it only encouraged me more to apply for it this year.

I’ve only gone hiking/camping once in my life and that was this past summer with my friend in Allegheny Park. We hiked about 20+ miles in two in a half days, but this experience is tiny compared to the one I’ve signed myself up for. This trip is 10 days long and with about 20 other people as well. There also is a portion of the trip where we supposedly go rock climbing, split into 3 smaller groups and spend a day on our own.

After hiking only one time, I loved it. The reality of being completely alone for miles is a feeling I’m not used to since I’ve always been able to spit on my neighbor’s house from my house if I wanted.  Sure, sleeping at night was a little scary, especially when raccoons were stealing my food, but there was no harm done. I like going back in time, without actually going back in time. Oh, the simple days of water, shelter and food.

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

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What am I supposed to do?

I’ve been told my whole life that I should go to school and after school I should get a job. So, I’m at school and I’m dedicated to athletic training, but where am I going to get a job? I want to move out of my parents’ house and have a home of my own, but where am I going to go? How fast am I going to get a job after college? I’m still not sure what my minor is going to be. When I choose classes, I’m never really sure what my best options are either.

I chose to come to Mount Union right before I graduated, which was a little late for some people. I wasn’t immediately sure like some people, but I know I made a good decision. What about a job though? I’m not sure where I want to work. I can stay here in Ohio or I can move just about anywhere and find an athletic training job, but where do I want to go? Will my resume be competitive enough to get me a job? I can work at a high school or I can choose to work in the NFL or with any other professional leagues, but I’m not sure what I want to do.

My grandpa once told me “Life is like an ocean, swim with the current and go with the flow.” I think of this every time I’m not sure what to do.

Some people know exactly what they are doing, they have all of their classes planned for each semester until they graduate and they even know what graduate schools they want to go to and so on. They are so prepared that they make me feel as if I’m not prepared at all. In reality, I’m doing just fine. I have a general idea of what I want to do and I am about to be in my spring semester of my sophomore year, so I still have plenty of time to make decisions.

If you don’t know what you want to do, you’re not alone. Being at school is a good start, but you must figure out what you want to do or else you’re going to waste four years and a lot of your own money.

I have trouble choosing what I want to eat some days, but that is a decision that will only affect me for a short period of time. When it comes down to choosing a place to live, the job I want, maybe even the woman I’ll marry, I’m going to take my time and think about it. It isn’t something I want to take lightly since I’m going to stick with all of those things for quite some time.

Greetings Everyone

Greetings Everyone

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Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m glad you made it, and I hope you return to read about some of my experiences and happenings here at Mount Union. I am studying business management and Spanish, but plan to relate my studies to my minor in environmental science. Ever since I chose Mount Union I knew it would be important to get involved, and I am happy to be a part of our football team, Raider Relief, the Mount Union Wilderness Trip and the Sustainability Management Advisory Committee (SMAC). I also was an advocate for First Year Experience, member of Sophomore Service honorary and Alpha Lambda Delta honorary.

Before I dig too deep, I would like to tell you a little about who I am and where I’m from. My story begins in Indiana where I was born, has a short stint in Ohio, but the place I will forever call home is the historic city of Cedarburg, Wisconsin (just north of Milwaukee). I have grown up in Wisconsin my whole life but almost all of my relatives live in Ohio, which made my college transition a lot easier. I am the youngest of three brothers, who I look up to and often seek out to for advice. Although I was picked on when I was younger, they definitely toughened me up through backyard football games and family room floor hockey. I attended Cedarburg High School and played basketball and football, but was also a part of the National Honor Society and our community service program.

Out of high school I planned to go to school in Milwaukee, Minnesota or Ohio, and eventually chose Mount Union for an opportunity to punt for the football team and because of the diverse academics offered. One thing that stuck out right away was the personal feel, academic attention and beautiful campus. The school definitely will give you all the resources to succeed, which has helped me land some cool jobs and internships. I have been a volunteer at Reverb’s Eco-Village for concerts like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthew’s Band, a camp counselor at the Brandon Jennings Basketball Camp and most recently a business development intern at TerraCycle. I am sure you will hear more about some of these experiences later!

In my spare time I like to slackline, run pickup games of basketball and enjoy the outdoors. I’m optimistic you will learn even more about me through this blog, and I hope you like my posts! Until next time … over and out.

The New Guy

The New Guy

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If you are reading this, thanks! I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read my blog and everyone’s blog. If you don’t already know, I am an athletic training major, wrestler, student ambassador, Preview and Orientation guide, member of SAAC and the Athletic Training Club and I still get the recommended 8 hours sleep (usually). Oh yeah, and I play intramurals.

I was born and raised in Lyndhurst, which is about 25 minutes east of Cleveland. I have 3 siblings – Kanani is 31, Derek is 25 and Layla is 17. I also have 2 nephews named Juni and TJ. Although I’ve lived in the same city my entire life, I still travel nearly every year.  I have family in Florida, California, Hawaii, New York and Oregon.  I visit them when it is convenient, and my friend just got a job in Los Angeles, where he works for Joke Productions. I actually visited him this summer. I love to travel, yet I continue to stay in Ohio and at Mount Union.  I don’t what it is about Mount Union, but it’s my kind of place. It is welcoming and nature loving, which is good since I was born on Earth Day (April 22).

I went to Charles F. Brush High School, where I played trombone in the band, soccer, wrestling and I even played rugby during my senior year. Sports have always been a part of my life and they continue to be at Mount Union. Poetry and writing make their way into my life occasionally too. For more than a year, I wrote a poem every day.  It was a new way for me to express myself that I’ve never felt before.  It’s probably the same with blogging as I am still having a conversation with myself except I let people read this and not my poems.

Now that you know nearly every major thing about my life, continue on with your life until my next blog.  I will make my blogs as interesting, random and easy to read as I can.  One last thing… if you see me on campus, say “Hi.” It always makes my day better and hopefully my giant smile will make yours better too.