Embrace It

Embrace It

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I have numerous scars on my hand and face from wrestling. Most are small, but some will always be visible. People sometimes ask me if it hurts. Well, yeah it hurts! Individuals sometimes ask me “Why would you purposely do something that hurts you?” I don’t wrestle to get hurt, I wrestle to simply win. Hurting our opponents is just part of the game.

Wrestling is like any other contact sport; you are going to get hurt nearly every day of practice. I get scratched, head-butted, slammed, fingers mangled and twisted, slapped, my eye gets poked and basically any other possible way of being hit. I don’t wrestle to get hurt because that would be no fun at all. Getting hurt is just part of the sport … it is just in the way of my goal in the end. I embrace the pain though, because without it, the goal I plan to reach in the end won’t seem as earned.

“I hate this class. This work is stupid!” I hear this once in awhile from others and myself. Classes aren’t meant to be stupid as they are meant to benefit you in the end. I really don’t like math, but it is a class I must take, so I might as well embrace it.

College altogether is tough. It isn’t meant for people who aren’t willing to put in the time, but for those who do, there’s a degree in the end that they have rightfully earned.