Raider Relief launches the Abandoned Stuffed Animal Project

Raider Relief launches the Abandoned Stuffed Animal Project

Visit today! The Project Welcome to Project ASAP, brought to you by Raider Relief. We’re putting together the biggest stuffed animal drive ever! Help the University of Mount Union and our awesome supporters in the city of Alliance as we donate our gently used stuffed animals to be professionally cleaned (by Cintas) and sent … Read more

Visit today!

The Project

Welcome to Project ASAP, brought to you by Raider Relief. We’re putting together the biggest stuffed animal drive ever! Help the University of Mount Union and our awesome supporters in the city of Alliance as we donate our gently used stuffed animals to be professionally cleaned (by Cintas) and sent out to kids who will love them.

When does it start?

We officially begin collecting donations on March 31 and will continue until April 5.

Take the Teddy Pledge!

Click HERE to take the “Teddy Pledge!” Give us your best guess of how many abandoned stuffed animals you’ll collect from home Easter weekend, and we’ll send a text message to remind you before you leave home!

Where to donate?

Feel free to drop off your donations at the University of Mount Union Library (KHIC) or Family Video in Alliance.

What exactly to donate?

Please bring your used, lovable, stuffed animals to donate. We’re looking for the sort of stuffed animal that you used to love playing with, but is ready for another child to love

Want to chat?

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for some Teddy shenanigans! Follow the #ProjectASAP hashtag as well!

Leaving and Sustaining a Legacy on Mount Union’s Campus

Leaving and Sustaining a Legacy on Mount Union’s Campus

The Conference This past weekend several other sustainability student leaders and I were fortunate enough to present at the Student Leadership Conference, highlighting the importance of getting involved with sustainability on campus. The idea was to give all this valuable information, many of the concepts being ‘behind the scenes’ that students aren’t aware about (ie: … Read more

The Conference

This past weekend several other sustainability student leaders and I were fortunate enough to present at the Student Leadership Conference, highlighting the importance of getting involved with sustainability on campus. The idea was to give all this valuable information, many of the concepts being ‘behind the scenes’ that students aren’t aware about (ie: our greenhouse gas emissions, geothermal heating units, solar arrays), to the student leaders in hope of promoting more initiatives with student groups on campus.

Sustainability at Mount Union Video! Watch here: Work that Lasts: Leaving & Sustaining a Legacy on Mount Union’s Campus

View/Download the presentation in full by clicking HERE!

What We’ve Done

“Assist in the decision making process of socially, financially and environmentally sound opportunities in order to create a sustainable, efficient and healthy atmosphere for students, faculty and staff.” Here are just a few things that our group has most recently achieved…

  • Attended the AASHE 2011 Conference in Pittsburgh, where we met Bill McKibben, founder of aspiring non-profit
  • Developed the Eco-Rep manual and program that offers paid positions to student Eco-Reps in almost all residence halls.
  • Coordinated Mount Union’s first ever Game Day Challenge diverting 48% of waste from landfill at a home football game.
  • And much, much more!

Becoming a Signatory Instiution

President Giese committed Mount Union to sustainability by signing the President’s Climate Commitment in 2007.

We are committed to Carbon Neutrality by 2046, including both the operations of our campus and our curriculum.

We submitted a Climate Action Plan as part of Campus Sustainability Plan in May of 2010.

Carbon Reduction Goals relative to 2008

  • 25% by 2015 (3.9% by 2010)
  • 50% by 2025
  • 80% by 2035
  • Neutrality by 2046

How’s our Campus Looking?

A Look Back at Cecil Shorts’ Amazing Sophomore Season in the NFL

A Look Back at Cecil Shorts’ Amazing Sophomore Season in the NFL

It was a great 2012 season for 2nd year NFL breakout player Cecil Shorts of the University of Mount Union. Cecil ended the regular season with 55 receptions for 979 yards and a team-leading 7 touchdowns, while being picked a Visio Top Value Performer finalist along with Eric Decker, Stevan Ridley, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson and … Read more

It was a great 2012 season for 2nd year NFL breakout player Cecil Shorts of the University of Mount Union. Cecil ended the regular season with 55 receptions for 979 yards and a team-leading 7 touchdowns, while being picked a Visio Top Value Performer finalist along with Eric Decker, Stevan Ridley, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson and Alfred Morris.

I visited ESPN’s split stats for the season and found some eye-opening numbers. Right as Cecil became a starter, he increased his total receptions and yards by 40 and nearly 500 respectively, making the most of his opportunity. He also was most productive on first and second downs, accounting for 40 recpetions and 766 yards with 6 of his total 7 touchdowns. By down and length, Cecil was most productive on first down with 10+ yards to go, where he averaged 22 yards per reception. He also excelled when the Jaguars were trailing, catching for 718 yards and 5 total touchdowns, the most memorable an 80 yarder again Indianapolis. Needless to say, Cecil has been quite the deep threat, and should stay in that starting role come 2013.

Being such a deep threat, he was tied for second in the NFL for yards per catch in 2012 with San Diego’s Danario Alexander at 17.8, behind only Tampa Bay’s VIncent Jackson at 19.2, and also ranks second in the NFL with four receptions of 50-plus yards and an 18.9-yard per catch average. That being said, he also was No. 6 on Pro Football Focus’ list of receivers with the worst drop rate. Safe to say and arguing for his side, he was behind Indianapolis receivers Donnie Avery and T.Y. Hilton with rates of 16.67, a team where Cecil had his highest production totaling in 7 receptions for 185 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Cecil has created some buzz around the league at large as well. NFL analyst Trey Wingo (@wingoz) had this tweet to say about his 67 yard TD catch against the Houston Texans:

Cecil Shorts with a 67 yard TD #allhedoesiscatchridiculouslylongTDs

He has earned many other admirers during his breakout year, and a special one in Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The highly touted NFL coach had some good things to say about Cecil and his breakout year before heading into a game with the Jaguars.

“He’s done a great job; he’s really impressive,” he said on a conference call. “He’s one of the best guys we’ve played against this year. He competes hard — he doesn’t take any plays off and he works hard on every route,” Belichick said. “I think he does everything well. Excellent downfield receiver, he’s got really good quickness off the line of scrimmage against press coverage, he breaks tackles and can take it all the way.”

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Cecil remains to be humble, despite putting up great numbers in his amazing sophomore season. After continuing to make the most of his opportunities, getting more targets and gaining quarterback trust, he believes he can still improve much, much more.

“As a total wide receiver, I think I have some work to do. I always see myself as needing to improve. Last offseason, this offseason, just improving my total game. I don’t want to focus on just one thing – my hands or – just trying to focus, as a total receiver, just getting better. I think my route-running can improve, especially on some certain routes. You can get cut if you can’t get off the press. I think I did a good job of getting off the press, but you can never be too good at it. So getting off the press is definitely an important thing I think I need to work on. But I’m excited for this upcoming year. Third-year campaign and I think I can do some good things next year.”

I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people, that Raider Nation is looking forward to seeing another tremendous season from Cecil in 2013. He’s making a name for himself, giving opportunity to other Mount Union players who are trying to make it to the league, and he’s going to be one of the league’s best values until the end of the 2013 campaign if he keeps on the same track.

Friday Five

Friday Five

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“Friday Five” is all about things that I am currently loving, inspired by, or things that simply make me smile. Throughout the week, I find that it is most often the small things that can make my day that much better…

“…If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” While doing the reading assignment for American Literature this week, I came across this quote by Thoreau. Instead of the boring read that I was expecting, I felt myself inspired to follow my dreams after reading his words.

Oreo milkshake = the perfect pick me up in the middle of the week. I especially needed this during my week full of studying, tests and group meetings! Homecoming Week is one of the craziest, yet most fun, weeks here at Mount Union!

One of the highlights of my week was a trip to the movie theater with the roomies. Sometimes you just need a little get-away. We took a trip to Canton this Wednesday night and caught a late showing of the movie “Pitch Perfect.” Here’s a tip: Wednesday night is student ID night at Cinemark Tinseltown, so you get a discount if you bring your Mount ID!

The constant reminders on Twitter that my favorite show EVER, The Vampire Diaries, was coming back for a fourth season made me so excited! I have really missed the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. The men of The Vampire Diaries are easily the most attractive men on television. Yay for season four!

Opening my campus mailbox to see that I got a package or envelope from home is always one of the best things.

Happy Friday, everyone!

A Glimpse of Me

A Glimpse of Me

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Hi everyone! I am so excited to begin blogging for Mount Union, but figured that I should start off with an introduction. I didn’t want to write a boring paragraph about myself, so that’s when my sister stepped in to interview me. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse into what makes me, me…

What is your favorite season?

I am a summer girl for sure. Ice cream (moose tracks & cookie dough = love), sun, the beach, my birthday, family picnics, fireworks, swimming… does it get any better?

What qualities do you consider make a good friend?

Someone who is loyal, genuine and honest. Someone I can be myself around, who is supportive of my goals and dreams, and will put up with my crazy OCD when it comes to cleaning and my unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber.

What makes you angry?

Hmm.. those who intentionally hurt my friends and family, inconsiderate people, when the Ellen show gets interrupted for breaking news, and when Panera runs out of cinnamon crunch bagels. Oh and those scary, black squirrels on campus. They are up to something, I know it.

Why did you choose Mount Union? Out of every college campus I visited, Mount Union made me instantly feel at home. The environment was so friendly and I knew right away that this is where I wanted to spend the next four years. The delicious strawberry waffles offered at the cafeteria Saturday mornings didn’t hurt either…

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The campus lakes. Especially in the fall, Mount’s campus is so pretty.

What is your favorite quote?

“To me, fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.” – Miss Taylor Swift

What are some of your hopes and dreams?

  1. Travel the world (first stop: Italy!! I leave in January!)
  2. Obtain my dream job (involving journalism, design and event planning) and possibly own my own wedding and event planning business
  3. Find ‘the one’, my best friend, someone with the same morals and values as me, someone who loves God, someone who will always put God and his family above all else (or Justin Bieber.. that would be fine too. Sorry, Selena.)
  4. Be a mommy (a family complete with a golden retriever puppy, of course)
  5. Make at least one person smile each and every day

My Journey To Mount

My Journey To Mount

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As I mention in my bio, I live about six hours away from home. So naturally, people always ask me about how I ended up at Mount and how I even found this small school in Alliance, OH. It was actually quite a long process…

I started looking at colleges, with a possible intended major of Neuroscience, in June of the end of my junior year. Collegeboard was my best friend during this time. They have a college matchmaker where you answer questions about where, how much, how big, etc, to narrow down your choices to only the colleges that fit all of those criterion. My problem was I didn’t know what I wanted in a school. I knew I didn’t want a big school like Penn State because I had visited there the previous March and didn’t enjoy the vibe of that massive school. So all I knew for sure that I wanted was a small school (not sure how small though), I wanted to stay on the East Coast, and I thought I wanted the school to have Neuroscience. Luckily for me, only about 50 schools total on the East Coast even offer Neuroscience as a major for a bachelor degree. It’s usually found at the graduate level. I was happy I had narrowed it down so much though, it seemed like good progress. I then looked at the general information for the ones in PA or Virginia that I thought I might like- I didn’t think I wanted to travel out of state besides VA because I have family down there. I picked out six schools, five in PA and one in Virginia near D.C. The first two weeks of June, my dad and I took road trips to travel all across the country to tour my selected schools. I was lucky my parents were aware of the importance of visiting a campus. I immediately fell in love with a school about two hours from my house called Lafayette College and later in the summer became passionate about the school near D.C. called George Mason University. My parents were wary about all the schools I had visited up to that point though, because most were private liberal art schools and very expensive. So my dad went on to college board and found me another 20 schools they told me to look at and pick a few more to potentially visit. By this point I was starting my senior year of highsSchool and felt like I was getting down to the wire on picking which schools to apply for. I picked two schools in Ohio (BW and Mount) and two more in Virginia to visit from my dad’s list. I took the tours of BW and Mount in the same day, with BW first. Coming to Mount couldn’t even compare to BW though. I almost immediately fell in love with the campus. It was exactly what I had been searching for. It’s not in the middle of nowhere but the campus itself is excluded from the outside and doesn’t have much outside traffic running through it. The fact that the school’s main color is purple literally almost made me fall out of my chair in my meeting with one of the advisers. Walking through the buildings and seeing how new everything was impressed me a lot. I probably had my mouth open for half of the tour because I was in awe of everything. I told my dad in the car ride back home that if this college was as close to home as Lafayette it would be number one no doubt. The distance was a major pull back. I didn’t know if I could bring myself to leave all of my friends and family and only be able to come back during breaks. I still applied though and got accepted early! I also was up for a full ride scholarship, which was unbelievable. Unfortunately, I did not receive it but I still received a very generous scholarship. By January of my senior year, after applying and getting accepted to five schools, I had it narrowed it down to three: Mount, Lafayette and George Mason. In February I took another visit to Mount and stayed overnight, which pushed it up to first place on my list. In March I went to the accepted students day at George Mason and suddenly realized that was where I wanted to be the most. It wasn’t too far and I had a blast when I was there. There was a big discrepancy in the amount of financial aid each school was giving me though. This ended up being the deciding factor for me. I did not want to burden my parents with something they couldn’t handle, especially with my two sisters still living at home. So I agreed two days before May 1 to go to Mount Union. The rest of the year and summer though I wasn’t so happy about it. I had made so many more friends my senior year and I couldn’t imagine being so far and barely seeing them after that summer. Once I got here I was reminded why I fell in love with it in the first place and was more than excited to be here. I am happy to say that 98% of the time I’m actually not homesick. With only two weeks until fall break I am a little antsy to go back but that’s mostly because I have set up plans I’m super excited for and my mom keeps telling me all she is going to make for me! I do not regret my decision though, and am very happy where I ended up. It was the best decision I ever made to come here. I love Mount with all of my heart. Even though I had to leave all my friends and family, I know now that it’s wrong to base such an important decision on just that. I am a family person, but to be the best I can be I have to be here. They will still be there for me when I get back, and I realize that now-same with my friends. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

So if you’re a senior reading this and are in between schools, just trust your gut instinct. I had a feeling about this place since the day I got here, I was just being stubborn and didn’t want to admit it to myself. I was scared. But I turned out completely fine, better than I thought I would be. Part of one of my favorite poem goes as follows: “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire…” If you feel like you’re torn and your whole world is in this chaos just take a step back from it all, make some lists of positives and negatives for each school, and don’t silence your heart because it knows you best.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Dinner is usually the same routine every night: swipe card, grab tray, grab plates of food, grab drink, sit with friends, eat and talk with friends, put tray away and leave.  Tonight there was the Ohio Platinum Chef Competition.  There were a few other schools around the area basically having a cook off.  I didn’t get to eat any of food they were making, but I did get a nice heaping pile of food on my plate.

I ate a hamburger first, then I heard that there was a hot dog eating contest about to begin.  I walked over because there was a good crowd gathering to watch and one of my teammates was in the competition so, of course I had to support him.  There were empty seats and I assumed it was too late to sign up.  It wasn’t, and the winner gets $50.  I could always use extra cash so I enter the contest.

The contest consisted of eating as many hot dogs as you could in five minutes.  I’ve always watched Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on television and I always see the winner eating 50+ hot dogs in 10 minutes.  This number obviously wasn’t my goal but as a smaller contestant, I hoped I could out-eat the bigger guys.  Considering I’ve been eating a lot lately and not been working it off, this was going to be challenging, especially since I just ate a hamburger not five minutes before.

I was getting nervous because cameras seemed everywhere, students, and people dressed nice, so this meant that they were here for business; this frightened me.  The contest began and I was keeping up with my teammate, dog for dog.  With two minutes left, I was at five, and the hot dogs weren’t settling well.  I kept eating, dipping the buns in water and trying to not even think about chewing, I just bit, chewed slightly and swallowed chunks of hot dogs and buns.  With two minutes left, I felt terrible.  I felt like the food wasn’t going to stay down, but I ended up finishing the sixth hot dog.  This didn’t matter because the first place contestant had eight hot dogs finished, my teammate had seven, and I had a respectable third place finish with six hot dogs in five minutes.

This was fun, but terrifying because of the amount of people, lack of training and all of my friends that I had let down (not really). Anyways, if you get the chance to go to the cafeteria on an eventful night, do it because it’s a great way to socialize and watching people suffer from eating mass amounts of hot dogs in a tiny amount of time.

OAC Athletic Training Symposium

OAC Athletic Training Symposium

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In late March the OAC Athletic Training Symposium was held at Capital University in a room titled the Bridge of Learning. If only I had brought my pen of learning to write down everything I learned…

This symposium was similar to the Cavs night I had went to before, except this one was nearly all day and there were multiple presentations. All of the presenters were highly respected in the medical field, including Cleveland Indians, Browns and Indians team physicians and our very own professors.

As a student, these types of symposiums are priceless. The medical field is always learning more and more about what works and what doesn’t so there is never a time that any medical professional will know it all. They might know a lot, but not everything.

Clinicians are changing some of their protocols on concussions. Concussions are tricky because you can’t “see” the injury. With other injuries such as a fracture, a torn ACL or anything else along those lines, you can see those with the right tools, but with concussions, you can’t see anything wrong with the brain. Overall, if you have a concussion, you will not be going back in that game that day. There is something called Second Impact Syndrome, which basically results in death in less than 10 minutes.

This symposium was long, and it was also review on anatomy for my knee exam the next day, but every minute was worth it. I didn’t get the best amount of sleep the night before so trying to stay awake during all the presentations was a little hard, but I was so interested in everything being presented. It was worth it and now I have priceless knowledge. In the end, in the Bridge of Learning, I learned things from other great clinicians and physicians that they had to find out on their own.

Double Review: The Hunger Games

Double Review: The Hunger Games

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I heard about The Hunger Games from a number of my teammates who were reading the book. I didn’t even know they read books so this instantly convinced me to want to read this specific book. I bought it online and it took longer for it to be delivered than it did for me to read it. I finished the book the night before I saw the movie. The book pretty much took over my life until I finished it. It was hard for me to put it down as I had to figure out what happened next and how it happened.

This book was definitely an original piece but at the same time it reminded me of The Greatest Game, a story about a hunter hunting another hunter. Overall, this book is at a reading level that anyone in the family can enjoy.  I’m no critic, but I am critiquing this book anyways.

I saw the movie expecting it to be not as good as the book (just like any other book that is made into a movie), and I was right. But compared to other books that have been made into movies, this was a very good movie. It was easy to understand for anyone that didn’t read the book. I know a few things were left out from the book, but the movie was still about two-hours long and it didn’t disappoint. I felt anxious while reading the book. During the movie I felt a wider range of emotions, but it wasn’t as intense as the book.

Either way, I enjoyed both and I still have to read the second and third book of The Hunger Games. Once I get the money, I’ll buy them, read them and maybe even review them. If not, I suggest you read all three and let me know how they are.

Mount Union ESPYs

Mount Union ESPYs

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This past week was the Mount Union ESPYs (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly).  Usually this awards show is on ESPN but for the past 4 or 5 years, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) has hosted them at Mount Union.  Last year I was unable to attend but all I know is that the wrestling team had a respectable amount of individual and team awards.  This year it seemed that women’s basketball and volleyball had the majority of awards.

Being a member of SAAC, I presented an award.  With Dom, the other wrestling representative for SAAC, we presented the Comeback Athlete Award.  This was my first time ever presenting an award so I felt a different type of honor.

I can’t wait for the upcoming ESPYs just because it was a fun and honoring award show.  Hopefully within the next two years, I’ll be receiving an award as well.