OAC Athletic Training Symposium

OAC Athletic Training Symposium

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In late March the OAC Athletic Training Symposium was held at Capital University in a room titled the Bridge of Learning. If only I had brought my pen of learning to write down everything I learned…

This symposium was similar to the Cavs night I had went to before, except this one was nearly all day and there were multiple presentations. All of the presenters were highly respected in the medical field, including Cleveland Indians, Browns and Indians team physicians and our very own professors.

As a student, these types of symposiums are priceless. The medical field is always learning more and more about what works and what doesn’t so there is never a time that any medical professional will know it all. They might know a lot, but not everything.

Clinicians are changing some of their protocols on concussions. Concussions are tricky because you can’t “see” the injury. With other injuries such as a fracture, a torn ACL or anything else along those lines, you can see those with the right tools, but with concussions, you can’t see anything wrong with the brain. Overall, if you have a concussion, you will not be going back in that game that day. There is something called Second Impact Syndrome, which basically results in death in less than 10 minutes.

This symposium was long, and it was also review on anatomy for my knee exam the next day, but every minute was worth it. I didn’t get the best amount of sleep the night before so trying to stay awake during all the presentations was a little hard, but I was so interested in everything being presented. It was worth it and now I have priceless knowledge. In the end, in the Bridge of Learning, I learned things from other great clinicians and physicians that they had to find out on their own.