Bieber Fever

Bieber Fever

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Justin Bieber, a name that became famous pretty fast. I honestly do not have any Bieber fever thank goodness, but I have to admit I do like his music once in awhile. He’s young, blonde and he has the right connections to become more and more successful every day. He is only getting bigger with his new headphones called JustBeats Solo, which are a special edition of Dr. Dre’s beats headphones. There are different types of Beats headphones but Justin has the Solo model.

I don’t have a pair of either of these headphones, but JustBeats Solo come in purple and white (Mount Union’s school colors), which just happen to be Justin’s favorite colors. Coincidence? I think so only because Justin Bieber isn’t old enough to go to college yet, so he hasn’t considered Mount Union as one of his choices … but that is besides the point.

The point is the actual headphones. What is better? I have always been a fan of Bose. Every speaker, headphones, etc. that it makes seems unmatchable. My brother bought a pair of Bose over the ear headphones more than seven years ago and they still work perfect. Is it the fact that Beats headphones look more stylish or do people actually prefer one over the other? The prices are all jacked up on steroids on both companies headphones, so will Dr. Dre be able to hold up with the quality of Bose? I am pretty sure that no matter which company you buy from, you won’t be disappointed. Dr. Dre loves his music and the quality of the sound is sure to be heard with both headphones.

I will always prefer Bose, only because that is what I own and I have a heart for them now. People still buy Beats and soon they will be JustBeats. I am not sure if we will be seeing them at Mount Union, but the colors will definitely fit well. I am almost hoping people do buy JustBeats solely because the color. Purple is rare these days, so if you decide to buy these purple headphones, you might have to go to the health center because you got Bieber Fever.