Friday Five

Friday Five

[An inspirational quote I heard at the CMA conference in Chicago] This week was hectic and a bit overwhelming, but it was expected as the final weeks of the semester are winding down. This Wednesday, Ryan Collins (see his site here), a senior PR student from Kent State University, came to speak to the PRSSA (Public … Read more

[An inspirational quote I heard at the CMA conference in Chicago]

This week was hectic and a bit overwhelming, but it was expected as the final weeks of the semester are winding down. This Wednesday, Ryan Collins (see his site here), a senior PR student from Kent State University, came to speak to the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) chapter at Mount Union! A few months back, I happened to stumble across Ryan’s blog, and two hours later I realized I was still reading through his posts. So, as president of PRSSA, I contacted Ryan and asked him to come speak to our group about his PR experience. He is extremely involved on campus and spoke to us about internships, leadership roles, networking and more.

Ryan’s three main tips for success were to:

  1. Study abroad (in order to learn independence and about other cultures)
  2. Intern as much as possible (hands on, real-life experience is very beneficial)
  3. Create a professional online presence (blogging is extremely recommended)

Before he left, Ryan stated “I believe all of you can be considered rock star PR students.” I know many students walked away inspired and motivated to get involved on campus and take advantage of every opportunity possible.

This weekend I am planning on getting a jump start on final projects for class, meeting up with my sister for a girl’s night and working on yearbook pages for The Unonian. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Happy Friday!

[A spontaneous midnight trip to the Cheesecake Factory with my friend Megan]

[The sweet note waiting for me when I returned to Mount Union from my roommates]

[The PRSSA officers with Ryan]

[The free Mount Union hoodie I received for participating in a video for the Office of Marketing!]

The “I” Word

The “I” Word

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Once you take your first class at Mount Union, you will start hearing the “I” word all the time. Professors will pound this word into your head so much that it may seem intimidating. You will hear upper classmen using this word on a normal basis, and it might add a lot of pressure to your mind at first…

What is this “I” word? INTERNSHIPS.

Mount really encourages its students to take part in at least one internship during their four years here. Students can take one for credit or just for experience for their resume, and they can be paid or on a volunteer basis. Internships are easy to find – nowadays almost every business out there will hire an intern. To find the perfect internship, students can talk to their professors, other faculty members, look online and ask family members.

Let me be the first to tell you: internships aren’t intimidating. Sure, you should really have one (or more) by the time you graduate from Mount, but the opportunities are unbelievable. Even if you get an unpaid internship, who cares? You are getting experience that most people will never get!

I’ll tell you a few places where some of my peers landed awesome internships (feel free to look them up!):

  • Akron Aeros
  • Alliance Community Hospital
  • American Eagle
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Fahlgren Mortine
  • Hermes
  • Mahoning Valley Scrappers
  • NBA
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Q104
  • Q92
  • Sports Time Ohio (STO)

Does this list appeal to you at all? Let me just remind you that this is only one small list of examples of where Mount students have interned.

Internships are the resume builders that are going to help you land the perfect job when you graduate. Another great thing, if you start the search early in your college career, you get your foot in the door and the chances of you being hired at that business are high.

So don’t ever be intimidated when you hear the “I” word; just know that it can be the one of the best experiences of your college career.

Internships… Do ‘em!

Internships… Do ‘em!

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Walking through the Hoover-Price Campus Center (HPCC) sometime in September my freshman year I noticed there were a lot of tables set-up outside the cafeteria and noticed it was a job and internship fair. It didn’t really interest me too much and I was really pretty excited it was nacho bar day at lunch and I wanted to keep my eye on the prize, but ya know what pulled me in? Free pens. I can directly link the best experience of my life thus far to my obsession with deals. What experience is that you ask? No it wasn’t the free pen as I’m sure I lost that the same day. Coming upon the table for autism internships was the most beautiful coincidence of my life. A free pen, a table, an information sheet, an online application and a short email later… I had an interview. And, soon after that, I had an offer to take one of the summer classroom intern positions at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism (CCCA).

The CCCA summer internship program was set up due in large part to the work of Dr. Turko of the Department of Psychology and is made up of three separate internships – classroom, research and social spies. Both the classroom and research internships take place at the center in Shaker Heights. The research interns collect and record data for center-wide research. Social spies work as camp counselors at one of two camps for typical kids that kids with Asperger disorder attend and work on their social skills without being separated from their peers. These interns are assigned to one or two campers and help them with anything they need.

The classroom internship, I obviously know a bit more about, since I was able to take part in it. These interns basically are given the opportunity, in most cases, to be taking on a role as a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT), which are easily described as teachers. Each intern is put in one classroom and he or she stay there for the two months of the internship. As an intern in Intermediate 1B, which is students from about 11 to 16 years old, I worked with getting materials ready for the day, recording behavior data, implementing behavior plans, implemented curriculum/working one-on-one or one-on-two with students. It is impossible to describe how amazing an experience it is without experiencing it for yourself, so I urge anyone with an interest to at least apply… this year, next year or three years down the road, just do it sometime. Since the summer after my freshman year (2010), I have been able to volunteer there intermittently. I completed one semester of placement for an education class there, volunteered two days a week last summer and will volunteer one day a week next semester to fulfill my psychology internship requirement. I have made professional connections that will be indispensable in the future and hope that the CCCA will be a future place of employment.

Even if you’re not interested for this coming summer’s program, get familiar with it so you can apply in the future. Below is a flier, much like the one I picked up that fateful day in HPCC, so you can look it over and get to know the program!

Opening doors

Opening doors

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Aside from my jobs at the Winking Lizard and Bob Evans as a server, I am also employed at Hermes Sports and Events this summer. I was an intern at Hermes last summer and spent the summer waking up early on the weekends to head out to races and help with management and also helping run the sporting tournaments that were in the Cleveland Corporate Challenge. During the week, I worked 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the office in Cleveland doing prepwork for the races, running errands for the company, talking to clients, getting runners into the system as they sent in their registration forms and a bunch of other odd and end tasks.

I’m really excited because this month they emailed me and asked me if I’d work a race for them. This race was in Brecksville and they asked me if I could be there at 6:30 a.m. It is a very early morning but it’s so awesome to be out there and see everyone excited to be active and run a race. This time, I helped with registration before the race started and then results when the runners had finished coming through the finish line. I was done with work by 9:30 a.m. and then could go and have the rest of my day to get things done.

That’s one reason I would most recommend internships. They will open doors for you and if the company does want to keep you around and pay you for work, they will.

Hermes also asked me if I would go with them on a week-long trip in August to Kansas City, Missouri to help manage the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. That was one of my favorite things to do when I was an intern with them last summer and I was more than happy to say yes to go with them again. I had to take a week off of my other jobs but Hermes is paying me for that week and I love what we do. I also fell in love with Kansas City the first time I went so I’m really excited to be in the city again too. :]

Internships are rough sometimes because most are unpaid, but if they do end up asking you to help when your internship is over, you can be a paid employee and if you already love the company, it’s perfect!

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend. We’ve got some beautiful weather coming our way!


Meet Zach

Meet Zach

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Welcome! Before I introduce myself I want to inform you on the reason I am writing this blog. Mount Union has provided me with a ton of opportunities and has allowed me to succeed from the very start of my collegiate career. I want to inform others about a truly great place that will allow you to grow both personally and academically. I have enjoyed being a Purple Raider and I know you will too. I am currently in the midpoint of my college years (sophomore), so I hope I will be able to provide experiences and advice of what to expect in the early years and what is to come in the future.

First, I need to talk about where I came from before talking about where I am now. I spent four great years in purple and black at Berkshire High School in Burton, Ohio. Burton is a small town in Northeast Ohio and is famous for pancake breakfasts. Sports were my passion in high school and this has lead directly to my major in college.

I am majoring in sport business and accounting.  Double majoring is something I have always wanted to do and these majors do not just stem from my passion for sports but more so from my passion for business. I find business very intriguing and all the components that it consists of.  In sport business I am learning how one of the most lucrative businesses in the world operates. Accounting has also always been interesting to me. My goal is to become an executive with a professional sports team and accounting is an essential skill. Businesses are always concerned with their budgets and revenue, and in accounting you learn the bottom line and how to maximize revenue.

On Mount Union’s campus I am involved with The Dynamo (our school’s newspaper), Emerging Leaders Club, Accounting Club, Sport Business Association (which I’m the treasurer of), Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (which I’m in the president of) and First Year Experience as well as a mentor in M3C, an AmeriCorps volunteer scholarship program.  Campus involvement is imperative. It provides opportunities to meet people as well as develop the ever-important resume.

The most impressive part of my collegiate career to this point is the practical experience I have gained. I am a very self-empowered person and this attitude has lead to me obtaining multiple internships.  I have interned with the Cleveland Clinic Autism Center, Cleveland Indians (where I was a data specialist), Pro Football Hall of Fame (where I conducted research), the National Basketball Academy, the National Sports Forum, the Cleveland Cavaliers (where I work as a part of its sales team), and this week I begin another internship with the Cleveland Indians (where I’ll work with its database management staff).

I will be sure to get more in depth with some of my experiences on campus and with my internships later in my blog but I want to end by answering the question, “Why Mount Union?” The interaction and the relationships I am able to build with my professors is the main reason. At Mount Union, the professors are truly there to help you. I know some of my professors on a personal level and this is very important as they are my connection to business world.

Finally, the main reason I choose Mount Union was because I saw it had the right mindset. Mount is NOT OK with status quo and it is always looking toward the future and how to improve as a university.  In only two years at Mount I have seen an athletic complex, a business and engineering building and three apartment buildings built.

Mount Union is a NCAA Division III school with a Division I mindset. I came from a small community but I strive to be successful on a large stage. I am out to prove that I have what it takes to become an industry leader in sport business and when I achieve this goal, the opportunities Mount Union has provided me with will have been a major factor.

-Zach McMurray

“Good is the Enemy of Great”