Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Dinner is usually the same routine every night: swipe card, grab tray, grab plates of food, grab drink, sit with friends, eat and talk with friends, put tray away and leave.  Tonight there was the Ohio Platinum Chef Competition.  There were a few other schools around the area basically having a cook off.  I didn’t get to eat any of food they were making, but I did get a nice heaping pile of food on my plate.

I ate a hamburger first, then I heard that there was a hot dog eating contest about to begin.  I walked over because there was a good crowd gathering to watch and one of my teammates was in the competition so, of course I had to support him.  There were empty seats and I assumed it was too late to sign up.  It wasn’t, and the winner gets $50.  I could always use extra cash so I enter the contest.

The contest consisted of eating as many hot dogs as you could in five minutes.  I’ve always watched Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on television and I always see the winner eating 50+ hot dogs in 10 minutes.  This number obviously wasn’t my goal but as a smaller contestant, I hoped I could out-eat the bigger guys.  Considering I’ve been eating a lot lately and not been working it off, this was going to be challenging, especially since I just ate a hamburger not five minutes before.

I was getting nervous because cameras seemed everywhere, students, and people dressed nice, so this meant that they were here for business; this frightened me.  The contest began and I was keeping up with my teammate, dog for dog.  With two minutes left, I was at five, and the hot dogs weren’t settling well.  I kept eating, dipping the buns in water and trying to not even think about chewing, I just bit, chewed slightly and swallowed chunks of hot dogs and buns.  With two minutes left, I felt terrible.  I felt like the food wasn’t going to stay down, but I ended up finishing the sixth hot dog.  This didn’t matter because the first place contestant had eight hot dogs finished, my teammate had seven, and I had a respectable third place finish with six hot dogs in five minutes.

This was fun, but terrifying because of the amount of people, lack of training and all of my friends that I had let down (not really). Anyways, if you get the chance to go to the cafeteria on an eventful night, do it because it’s a great way to socialize and watching people suffer from eating mass amounts of hot dogs in a tiny amount of time.