The Legacy #11in11

The Legacy #11in11

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It has indeed been awhile since I last posted … I guess the Thanksgiving food coma, Black Friday hangover and the end of the semester blues have gotten to me, but I realize it’s time to make a comeback. This comeback is going to be about a comeback for the Mount Union football offense and NOT the Wesley College football team.

I’m currently sitting distributing care packages to students whose parents love to send them some cheer during this wonderful exam season. During the long spurts of waiting between people who actually come to pick these things up, I’ve been alternating between Facebook creeping, Pinterest pinning and skimming. Let me just tell you, normally Pinterest would be winning all the way, but it’s that is really getting me fired up.

Now, by no means do I think I’m a football expert. In fact, most games I go to I find it slightly difficult to keep track of the ball on the field because all the cute butts distract me, but I do know a thing or two.

  • I know that it takes 10 yards to make a 1st down. There are four quarters in a game. And, offense is when you have the ball and defense is when you don’t.
  • And when a flag is thrown on the field that means there is a penalty… and if that penalty is against us, then that’s a bad thing.
  • I know that a touchdown is worth six points and you can get an extra point if the kicker kicks the ball through the field goal.
  • It gets a little fuzzy with other ways to get points, but I think there’s something called a two-point conversion.
  • Last week at the game, I learned about something called a safety, which can be intentional. A safety has something to do with the other team getting a point by pushing you out of bounds past the end zone when you have the ball.

I think that about sums up what I know about the play of the game, but there’s a lot more to it. These articles I’ve been reading online about the game this Saturday have really got me thinking and you can blame it on the fact that I’m a girl and get emotional sometimes or the fact that my boyfriend plays and I feel really protective. But, I was honestly near tears thinking of the idea of losing this Saturday. To think that something our guys have been working all year for could not come to fruition nearly put me over the edge! I know that Wesley College football team probably has worked as hard as they could and hoped as hard as they could that they would make it to the Stagg Bowl this year. And, by the looks of the opinions online, they’ve done a pretty good job bettering them this year. I’ll give them that, but it is our time. It is our time to not only make it to the national championship, but to win it! Here’s what I know about Mount Union football, which is more important than any understanding of any playbook, touchdown, interception or anything else that happens on the field.

  • Larry Kehres is an unbelievable coach. He has led this team to all that they have become and our football program would not be where it’s at right now without him (even if he scares me when he gets really revved up at the games and I can hear him all the way from the stands). I love a coach that loves the game!
  • Our players have more heart than any other team. Ever. The look on their faces on game day is priceless. You can tell they are ready to put their all into it, they’re ready to leave everything on the field.
  • Even with one of the most winning records in Division III football with 10 national championship titles since 1993 and the all-division record for the most consecutive victories at 64 wins, the players don’t go into each game taking their winning for granted. They know that winning doesn’t always last forever.
  • They have respect for each other, themselves and the other teams. College football players may be some of the most competitive college athletes. Obviously, you see some animosity on the field after a particularly hard play or a cheap shot, but they admire the other team for all that they do well, pointing out that even the worst team has good players.

I hope that the rest of Mount Union’s campus, the rest of our community and the rest of our state see what I see in the players here at Mount. Football is a legacy at Mount Union. We knew that when we decided to attend college here, so let’s support that legacy and hope it lives on until our children attend Mount Union or until our grandchildren attend Mount Union. #11in11