Guy Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Guy Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

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I saw Twilight 4 this weekend. This is my guy review.

For one reason or another, for the past five years, I have found myself sitting in a theatre seat waiting to see Twilight. Popcorn in hand, I sit through the usual trailers and previews, and then the opening credits roll in. For whatever the reason, I have managed to see every theatrical release of Twilight in theaters and the same holds true for the most recent release of the book-gone-movie series – Breaking Dawn.

The "Cullen House", Portland, OR

The movie itself wasn’t too bad. While it revolves around what, I personally consider, a slightly obsessive and annoying girl who desperately wants an immortal boyfriend, the cinematography and soundtrack make the movie slightly less painful. Plus, coming from a family with quite a few architects, the Cullen’s house is downright awesome. Plus, did you know that the actual house is home for Nike executive John Hoke and his family?

I came mentally prepared for an overdramatic love story, however what I wasn’t prepared for were several of the more adult scenes that passed under the PG-13 radar. My understanding is that Breaking Dawn was originally going to be tagged with an R rating, but they cut out some of the more gory / sexual scenes and made it a passing PG-13. Even by cutting out some of the extra scenes, that movie I saw was not something I would ever let my 13-year-old sister go see. Once again, although unsurprised, I am disappointed with the rating given to a popular movie just so tickets can be bought by a broader audience.

The film, following the same two-part adaptation that Harry Potter did, ended with a great cliffhanger, which will undoubtedly set up some great returning numbers when part 2 comes out next year. As for me, I figure I’m deep enough into the Twilight hole that I might as well see it to the finish and watch the last one in theaters as well. While Breaking Dawn part 1 wasn’t anything spectacular, and much too old for the PG-13 rating, it wasn’t unbearable.

My guy verdict: If your girlfriend wants to go see it, go with her and earn major brownie points. I feel you deserve some mental preparation first though: it only takes Taylor Lautner 15 seconds to ditch his Baby GAP shirt and sprint into the rain after the opening title scene. Yea, 15 seconds. Have fun, gents.