A Simple Guide to Surviving Finals Week

A Simple Guide to Surviving Finals Week

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Finals week. Yes, I am typing this post already having many side effects of dreaded exams including baggy eyes and searching for an abundance of sleep, but seem to only find more pots of coffee. It’s undeniable that final exam week could feature the highest stress levels per square foot of Mount Union property than any other week of the academic year. By reading this guide however, I am sure you will be able to push through the dreaded last week of the semester being in higher spirits, at least a little. Give these hints a try, as they might help you.

Remain Organized
Find the exam schedule and determine which days and times your final exams will be held. It may be helpful to prepare a written schedule of the date of your tests along with when you plan on studying for them. With having many tests crammed together, your mind may slip of when certain things are due. It is important to prioritize your workload and study for comprehensive exams more. Also write down study sessions, final reviews and times you will meet with groups to go over material. All of these will help you better understand the class material. In addition, calculating your grade in class and determining a goal for the final will help you stay focused.

Stay Healthy
Final exam week may force you to lose many hours of sleep, but don’t let it be a habit! Sleep is crucial for your body to rejuvenate and rest allowing you to be more focused and observatory, which are essentials for taking a test. Another important thing is to not skip meals. Food is energy to the body and it feeds your mind to help ideas flow and stay concentrated. Also, remember to take study breaks by going for a run, working out or just getting up to dance for 10 minutes on a study break. Remember to stay hydrated too! A dehydrated body is weak and lethargic, something you don’t want just in time for finals.

Be Confident
This is the most crucial part of surviving finals. Having studied material for lengthy periods of time, it is easy to say you probably know the material better than you think you do. Keep things in perspective. This is just another test that you are prepared for, so put it in your mind that you will do well. Remember too that confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong. As long as you do your best what else more could you ask for?

Good luck to everyone on final exams! Be great.