Late Night Jams with Shan and Sam

Late Night Jams with Shan and Sam

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Hi everyone!

We have a radio show that is called “Late Night Jams with Shan and Sam.” We usually just shorten it and say “Late Night Jams” though. :]

It is on every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to midnight on WRMU 91.1. And, there are a few different ways to tune in.

  • -Listen on the radio if you are in the area … the dial should be set at 91.1 FM.
  • -You can listen online anywhere.
  • -If you’re on campus, you can turn your TV to channel 2, and we will come through your TV set! :]

If you’d like to call in during our show to say hi or to make a request, the phone number is (330) 823-3777.

Our tagline is “Keep on Shammin’” because we combined Shan + Sam to get SHAM, get it ? :]

Feel free to ask us any questions you have, and be sure to tune in on Tuesdays!!

-Shannon and Samantha

Keep those opportunities comin!

Keep those opportunities comin!

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One word to sum up this last week –  Busy. However, it was busy in a good way.

Wednesday consisted of my Advanced Public Relations class taking a trip up to Cleveland to visit a PR Firm. I’ve told you in previous posts that the opportunities I have received through Mount Union have been awesome, right? Well, add this one to the list.

The firm was amazing. We met some PR professionals who expressed their passion for PR which only made me love it even more, and we learned so much about a real life PR career.

The next day was even crazier because it was Mount Union’s Schooler Lecture. Sure, sure, the word ‘lecture’ sounds boring, but, on the contrary, it was far from boring. Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson came to campus to present this year’s lecture.  Look him up if you aren’t familiar. He was awesome.

I put on my reporter shoes and started the long evening off at the press conference on behalf of WRMU. It was a great experience because all sorts of media representatives were there from the Alliance Review, Canton Repository, etc. We all had the chance to talk with Tyson and ask him anything we wanted. We even got a picture with him!

After the press conference, we attended a fancy dinner in the Peterson Field House.  Trust me when I say fancy – our butter was shaped like flowers. Dr. Tyson answered some more questions and then we ventured to the gym where he was giving the lecture.

“10 Things You Should Know About The Universe” was an amazing speech. He narrowed all of the facts he knew down to the top 10 and relayed some of his knowledge to us. Sounds like it would be hard to understand, but it wasn’t. Dr. Tyson is hilarious and he made everything entertaining and simple(ish).

We put together some stories for WRMU and they went on-air all day Friday (you can check them out on our website!), and then I wrote a story for the front page of The Dynamo.

Overall, Thursday and Friday were great opportunities for me, and it just makes me love being a communication major even more :]


Cram No More With Easy Flashcards From Cramberry

Cram No More With Easy Flashcards From Cramberry

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Through the years, low-tech flashcards have remained one of the best ways to help you memorize facts, vocabulary or pretty much any sort of information you need. However, many times the process of creating flashcards can be tedious – writing a hundred front and back cards is exhausting for anyone. If you’ve made flash cards before, you realize that keeping track of many sets is a pain as well. Once a hardcore flashcard user, I’ve tried almost every online flashcard creation site out there. They all have different strengths, but none really gave me the simple, yet robust, flashcard experience I was looking for on both the desktop and my mobile device. And, then I met Cramberry.Cramberry is one of many online flash card creators out there, but it packs some killer features that make studying away from the computer a breeze. As our exams slowly approach, it can be hard to find time to sit down and study with a large pack of paper cards or at our computer. Along with its website, Cramberry also has excellent apps for the iPhone and iPad, with an Android app expected soon.The beauty of Cramberry’s apps lies in its simplicity. When you launch the app, after you sign in, you are immediately presented with your sets. From there, you can jump right in and begin studying in less than two taps. There are two methods you can use to study – Study or Match. Study takes you to a typical flashcard interface, but the emphasis on simple execution is still there. You are shown a single card, tap “Tap to show answer” and then tap whether your answer was correct or incorrect. If you get a card incorrect, the app will shuffle that particular card back into the pile and show it several more times before you can finish. The other studying style, Match, is both unique and effective. In this mode, you are presented with eight small, movable cards (the fronts and backs of four cards) that you have to drag on top of their counterparts. When you find a match, the cards disappear as a confirmation that it was correct. I find this method of studying particularly enjoyable and found it helps me learn from both sides of the card instead of one.Cramberry’s website is no slouch either. This is where you will be doing most of the creation and organizing of your sets, although you also have the option to study right from your browser. You only get the Study option while in the browser, but Cramberry gives you easy keyboard shortcuts to move through the cards so your hands never have to leave the keyboard. You also have the option to type your answers. If you type in the exact text on the other side of the card, Cramberry will mark it as correct and advance you to the next one. However, if you miss a letter or two, it will show you the answer and ask “Were you right?” and let you mark your answer.I’ve been using Cramberry for three years now and love it. Being able to create cards in the browser and then have them available to study at any time has been amazing. Studying flashcards with a mobile device also has the benefit of being able to operate in the dark. This means I can lie in bed at night and study without having to worry about the desk lamp waking my roommate.The app cost USD 2.99 on the App Store, but they also have a free version which is ad-supported. If you’re not sure yet, I encourage you to try the free version and see how you like it. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to memorization, but Cramberry can definitely give you an experience you won’t forget.Happy studying!

The end

The end

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Not really for me, but maybe for others. The spring semester is coming to an end and many students are preparing to change, whether it is transferring to another school, graduating from Mount Union or just moving on to new classes. As for me, I am preparing to go into my second year as a music education major, and I am excited and very nervous.

Going back to the topic of this year … As the semester comes to a close and finals start to roll around and everyone starts to make sure that all of their grades are great (as all Mount Union students have), the stress starts to kick in. For me, it is a very big deal that my grades are great and that all of my finals go very well. Being in music, it is important that we pass our finals. If any student struggles in finals it doesn’t look very good when it is time for sophomore evaluations (which decide whether or not the students can continue in the major).So, all I am trying to say is enjoy the rest of the year. If you are a senior getting ready to graduate, good luck in the world. And, if you are thinking about coming to Mount Union, don’t let the thought of finals and stress scare you. Good luck to everyone else continuing at Mount Union and at other schools as well.

My Schedule

My Schedule

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The time of the semester when scheduling takes places is filled with meeting with friends, advisors and planning your future semester – all the way from figuring out what classes you need to take for your major to what time you want to wake up in the morning. And, when you’re getting ready to schedule your academic classes, the best plan is to have a plan. The first time you meet with your advisor you should create a plan for at least the next few semesters.  Here are the classes I have already taken as well as the classes I will be taking in the fall of my junior year.

1st Semester Freshman Year

Intro to Art (3)

Intro to Information Management (3)

College Writing (3)

Intro to Environmental Science (3)

Freshmen Seminar- Apocalyptic Expectations (3)

Religion & Human Experience (3)

2nd Semester Freshman Year

College Life Options (1)

Management Principles (3)

Public Speaking (3)

Quantitative Methods I (3)

Wellness (2)

History & Philosophy of Sport (3)

Elementary Spanish II (3)

1st Semester Sophomore Year

Elementary Accounting I (3)

Marketing Principles (3)

Evaluating College Life & Options (1)

Life/Career Plans (1)

Intro to Microeconomics (3)

Elementary Statistics with Business Lab (4)

Sport Program Management (3)

2nd Semester Sophomore Year

Elementary Accounting II (3)

Quantitative Methods II (3)

Intro to Macroeconomics (3)

Business & Technical Writing (3)

Sport Public Relations (3)

Sport Area & Facility Management (3)

1st Semester Junior Year

Federal Income Tax (3)

Intermediate Accounting II (3)

Managerial Cost Accounting (3)

Business Law I (3)

Legal Issues in Sport (3)

Careers in Sport Business (1)

Direct Experience:  Sport Recreation (1)

(number of credits)

Thankful for…homework?!

Thankful for…homework?!

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Yes, you did just read that I am thankful for homework … before you think I’m crazy, let me explain.

The past two semesters have been loaded with work … (maybe not so thankful for that part, sorry professors!). HOWEVER, the assignments that I have been given have actually been great.

While I might not agree with that last statement at first, I come to realize that the assignments we get in school are pretty interesting.

For instance, last semester in my marketing class, we were assigned a huge project where we chose a business to team up with the Inspi(RED) campaign. We had to research a company and I chose Chipotle! We found all these creative ways to team up with RED and do fun promotions. My group got t-shirts made of a red foil wrapped burrito, and we learned new ways to promote our idea. I’m really interested in social media so I focused most of our project on just that. I was able to learn all about Chipotle and get graded on it… (be honest – who is craving a burrito now?)

In my advanced public relations class, we were assigned real clients from the surrounding area and we had to work with them on projects that they assigned to us. My group was given two projects that, at the time, seemed overwhelming (heck, they still kind of do) but they really taught us so much.

The first project was to create a video on Alliance and show it at a convention type event being held on the campus in April. There is so much more to creating a video than just filming – we toured Alliance, saw places we’ve never knew existed, met awesome people who are trying to turn Alliance into the hot spot it once was and also met inspirational people who are dedicating their lives to help the people of Alliance. After taking the tours and learning all we have so far, I really have a new level of respect for the city.

The second project we were assigned was to help a family in Alliance that wants to start up a Carnation business. We met with our client and she had all these goals for her company, including the making of a website, which we are going to be helping her with. We were able to pick out the name for her company, design their logo and got the website and social media up and running – basically help the company blast off!

In one of my sport business classes, we are making sponsorship proposals for a  professional team in Colorado (I chose the Rockies!) and then picking a potential sponsor for the team and creating a plan to go along with it.  We get to be as creative as we want while creating promotional events for our team. Remember my marketing project with Chipotle? Since I’ve learned so much about that company, I’ve decided to use Chipotle as my potential sponsor, and it’s a huge plus that they’re based in Denver. I am really looking forward to completing this project because I’ll learn so much more about both companies and I can use it in my portfolio! (Ok, if you weren’t craving a burrito before, are you now?!)

So, sure, it may seem like an overwhelming amount of work but it isn’t. Would you rather be sitting in class taking notes and listening to lectures? The projects I’ve worked on in school (and those were only a few examples) have taught me so much about the real world and have made me excited to start working someday!


Spring Break is Over

Spring Break is Over

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The past nine days flew by faster than I could believe. And, if you ask me, it didn’t feel much like a vacation at all!

I’m from Chicago, and there are pretty much two seasons – windy and sunny and windy and snowy – each one lasting roughly six months. But this past week the weather has been absolutely nuts. Right now it’s 30 degrees and hailing. But, when I woke up this morning it was 60 degrees and sunny. Two days before that there was a winter storm warning and all of the local high schools were closed. Two days before that it was 65 degrees and I was running around campus in shorts and a t-shirt. If you don’t like the weather in Ohio, just wait five more minutes, it’ll change.

The last half on this past week was pretty hectic for me because it was the NCAA Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships down in Columbus, Ohio. I went with senior Scott Thomas who finished sixth place, which earned him All-American honors at the meet. He is the first All-American for our new head men’s track coach, Kevin Lucas, who is taking over for legend John Homon. There is no rest between indoor and outdoor track. The Stark County Championships will be held this Friday at nearby Walsh University, and a lot of Purple Raiders will be trying to qualify for conference and nationals in the next few weeks. This Saturday is the first step…

I am looking forward to the start of this week because the Annual Student Art Exhibit will open featuring artwork done by students at Mount Union! If you want check out some of these great pieces they will be on display at the Crandall Art Gallery starting Monday, March 14 and running through the end of the month. Types of art on display include drawing, design, printmaking, photography and sculpture. The Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 8 -9 a.m. and from 1 – 6 p.m. on weekends.

‘Twas the night before classes…

‘Twas the night before classes…

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It is the night before classes resume.. I cannot believe spring break is over already.  Ugh. Seriously, time goes by waaaaay too fast.  Not to mention it was daylight savings today so we lost an hour. : (

Anyway, I always contemplate when to go back to school after a break or a long weekend at home. Most students want to get back on Sunday, but I just loooove being at home on Sundays.  We always have a nice family dinner and watch “Desperate Housewives.” It’s like our ritual and I hate missing it by going back.  Obviously one of the perks to going back on a Sunday is that I would be able to unpack all my stuff so my room isn’t a mess when I get back.  I have no idea what happens but I feel like every time I come home, I accumulate so much more stuff to come back with me.  Ugh.  Oh well.

I decided to wait to go back tomorrow (Monday) morning.  I’d like to get a good night of sleep here and then head out for an early morning drive.  As I said before, I’m an hour and a half away so it’s not too bad of a drive and the mornings are much more scenic than driving in the dark!

Last year, living in an on-campus residence hall, I would always worry about what time I would get back to school because of the parking situation.  I’d either try to get back on Sunday night or just get to school really early the next morning.  If I got to school just a few minutes before my class would begin, I’d have to park “far” and then lug all my stuff farther to get to my room.  It’s such a weird thing though, parking at Mount.  So many students say that their biggest complaint is that “we don’t have enough parking” or that “we have to park so far.”

First of all, we have a small campus, so anywhere you park on campus isn’t really that far.  Second of all, one of my favorite things about Mount that I think most students take for granted and forget about is the fact that parking is free.  Most colleges and universities have to pay a parking pass fee, and it’s usually anywhere from $60-$200 from what I’ve heard from my friends that go to other schools.  Mount does not charge for parking AND they allow freshmen to bring cars (also for free).

I loved bringing my car freshman year.  Being new to the campus and to the city, it was nice to be able to travel around the city to the grocery store when I needed to or be able to go home for the weekend when it was convenient for me.

Now that I live in an off-campus house, I don’t have to worry about when to get back to school because we have our own personal driveway, which is awesome : )  So, it’s back to the grind tomorrow.  Classes, meetings, homework, workouts, friends and social events.  Break has been extremely fantastic but I guess I’m excited to go back.  Just about a month and a half left of this semester!! : )




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pray for japan

When I woke up this morning, I had an unusually high number of notifications on my phone. Still in a state of grogginess, I fumbled with the unlock screen and brought up the app which had the largest number of messages; Twitter. Reading through hours worth of updates within about five minutes brought me up to speed on why the Internet was unusually active.Japan had been hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. While this is devastating enough by itself, the, as of this writing, 27 aftershocks have really wrecked havoc on the area. Because of this massive shock, areas surrounding Japan, and eventually many Pacific-facing coastlines, will be impacted by the tsunamis created in the aftermath.As I watched the updates, videos and images pour in; I couldn’t help but feel helpless. While sitting on my couch, eating my breakfast, flooded waters and devastation are sweeping through the Pacific region. I know, realistically, there is little that we living on the Eastern United States can do. I know I am not the only one either; the hash-tag #prayforjapan has been the number one trending topic on Twitter for over the past five hours.This wasn’t intended to be a news update post, but I felt that the events today should remind us all of how lucky we are to be living in Ohio right now. Even with the snow, bi-polar temperatures and the nearing end of spring break, we are incredibly better off than many living in Japan at the moment. So as we enter the last weekend of break, I encourage you to take some time and think about the people affected by today’s events. With that in mind, I hope that this break was relaxing and enjoyable wherever you ended up, and enjoy this last weekend!

The Break Effect

The Break Effect

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I’ll be the first to admit it: I procrastinated with homework this spring break.

Now, I’m positive that I am not the only one, but as I was working on some statistics homework, I thought I would make a chart to illustrate the connection between a college student’s productivity level and the amount of time that passes over the 10 day spring break.

Reading from left to right, each day is labeled with a number. The numbers are annotated as follows:

1. The “I’m going to get all my homework done today so I have all of break to relax!” mode.
2. The “It’s Saturday, I can take a break. I mean, I have all week!”
3. “I can’t do any work, Sunday is a day of rest… and video games.”
4. Sleep in until 2 p.m.
5. “Eh, I have plenty of time left. I’ll hit it hard tomorrow.”
6. Slight increase in productivity until what little resolve you started with is gone.
7. “Oh boy. There are still so many things I want to do before break is over. To the lab!”
8. “Last weekend. It’s as if I never had break, I’ll just do my homework on Saturday like usual.”
9. Small amount of work gets done before friends text you with last weekend plans.
10. “Oh crap. It’s all over. No need to worry though, I’ve been in this place before and emerged victorious.”
11. Up until 3 a.m. finishing all the work you had forgotten about and only remembered because you actually opened you books instead of using them as coasters for the past 10 days. Effectively killing all sleep you regained over break.

Happy Monday.

While this was meant as a joke, and I have been more diligent than this, I believe we have all been in this mode or felt similar as days roll by on an extended break period. It is hard to get up the motivation to start work during leisure, but often I realize that I had built how difficult the actual work was in my mind. Once I started and got rolling, I was able to finish most of my assignments with little pain.

Something that I use to help with my slight tendency to procrastinate is called the 30/30 Minute Work Cycle. The basic idea around this work cycle is that you spend 30, uninterrupted minutes (turning off your Internet helps) working on a task. When that time is up, you can have 30 minutes to do whatever you like. Using this system, I was able to get all my work done in a single day, along with finishing the campaign of one of my favorite games. You can read up on the whole idea here.

Here’s to a productive end of spring break!